Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Stauffenberg: lines of descent and divine destiny...

The ancestry and lineage of Colonel Claus Schenk, Count von Stauffenberg, show him to have been seemingly ordained by heaven for his dangerous and courageous task.

His family are amongst the most eminent and noble families of Bavaria, with close connections to the Royal House of Wittelsbach, which family is, for Jacobite Legitimists, the senior legitimate line of succession of British royalty.

Two nieces of the Duke of Bavaria are married to two brothers, first cousins twice removed both of Count Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg and of his wife Baroness Elisabeth Magdalena von Lerchenfeld, Countess Monika von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg to Count Christoph Schenk von Stauffenberg and Countess Maria-Anna von Quadt zu Wykradt und Isny to Count Alexander Schenk von Stauffenberg.

Another niece of the Duke of Bavaria, Countess Walburga von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg is married to Baron Carl von Lerchenfeld, first cousin of the aforementioned brothers Counts Christoph and Alexander Schenk von Stauffenberg.

The Lerchenfelds are direct descendants of Lord Thomas Howard, Earl of Suffolk, son of Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk, by his second marriage.

St Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel was the only son of the latter's first marriage.

St Philip Howard,
Earl of Arundel and martyr for the Catholic Faith.
Countess von Stauffenberg (born von Lerchenfeld) was a kinswoman of the great English saint.

Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk, though a Protestant, was executed for his alleged involvement in the Ridolfi plot, for proposing marriage to Mary I, Queen of Scots (and de jure II of England and Ireland). The Royal Pedigree of the Duke of Norfolk is well attested.

The Lerchenfelds also have impeccable Scottish pedigree, from the Royal Stewarts (via King Robert II of Scotland and his wife, Euphemia, daughter of the Earl of Ross) and from very many Scottish noble families.

Biography and portrait of Nina, Countess von Stauffenberg,
born Baroness von Lerchenfeld

Count Claus Stauffenberg's granddaughter, Countess Sophie Schenk von Stauffenberg is married to Baron Marcus Berchtolsheim, the Chancellor of the Duke of Bavaria and himself a descendant of the Royal Stuarts, through the brother of the Royal nephews, and Cavaliers during the English Civil War, "Prince Rupert" and "Prince Maurice of the Rhine", Edward, Count Palatine (Pfalzgraf) of Simmern, who became a Catholic on his marriage to Anna Gonzaga, heiress of the Gonzaga Dukes of Mantua.

His grandson, Count Hans Caspar Schenk von Stauffenberg is married to Gräfin Josefa von Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems, a Habsburg, Bourbon and Royal Stuart (Charles I) descendant.

It is as if the hand of God were on Stauffenberg ordaining him to make the attempt on the life of the Nazi Antichrist.

The wedding day of Count and Countess von Stauffenberg, the union of too great and ancient Bavarian families with many ancient connections and roots with the greatest Catholic families of Europe.
On this happy day doubtless the newly-weds could hardly have foreseen then that he would be the one man in Germany who would get closest to ridding the world of the leading Nazi Antichrist.



Ælfheah said...

And he was much better looking than Tom Cruise.

May said...

A real hero.

Anonymous said...

But... what the point of he not being well-succeed? (Sorry for the bad english , I'm brazilian. Whatever thank you for remind us the relation between lineage and Providence.

umblepie said...

Very interesting and informative post, as usual! Thanks.

Tribunus said...

Dear Helder,

Are you Christian? Then you know that Jesus Christ, he did not succeed very good.

But He God.

God not just want winners.

He want heroes.


BT said...

Stauffenberg is a ture hero of Germany and the world. I believe that for standing up for his beliefs until the very end, and doing what is right, just like Saint Thomas More, he should be made a Saint. I am trying to get in touch with Tom Cruise, who said he was touched by the Stauffenberg story, in the hopes that my idea will gain some popularity and amy be presented to the Pope. Please tell me what you think.