Tuesday, 27 January 2009

And for the avoidance of any doubt...

...and for the record, I think Bishop Williamson has made some exceedingly foolish and harmful comments and he should either stop or more reasonable people in SSPX should ask him to leave.

Equally for the record, the fact that the Pope has lifted the excommunications does not (repeat not - oh ye mendacious secular media) mean that he has in any way approved any of Bishop Williamson's highly unhelpful comments.

But, of course, that will not stop the media attacking our Pope, grossly unfairly.

They will go on doing that because they have another agenda than the truth and that agenda is to attack the Catholic Church and the Catholic faith and that includes vilifying the Pope.

However, as to Bishop Williamson, I say no more since I do not think the bishop should be given any more publicity.

I prefer to speak about our great father in the Faith, the Supreme Pontiff, the Pontifex Maximus, the Supreme Pastor of God's Church, the Patriarch of the West and the Bishop of the Holy City of Rome, the one and only...




Anonymous said...

"Patriarch of the West" a title he rejects.

Tribunus said...

Yes, pity that. Never mind. We can still think of him as such.

Anonymous said...

It was sometimes thought that Pope Benedict XVI rejected (?) the title of Patriarch of the West in an attempt to show goodwill to the Orthodox. But, as an official statement of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, makes clear, it was a title that the Orthodox or "Greek" East had never contested and in fact perfectly corresponded with their Ecclesiology of a Pentarchy of Patriarchal Thrones, in which Rome, the first primatial see of the entire Christian Church, was also the sole "Patriarchate" in the West, also the sole during the first Millennium Latin Patriarchate. So once again, I am in accord with Tribunus....!


David Lindsay said...

In all the fuss about Richard Williamson, what of Hans Küng?

His disparagement of the late Pope John Paul II’s Polishness made and make him the authentic voice of the age-old Teutonic racism against the Slavs. He only gets away with it because he is Swiss.

Although long resident in Germany, Küng is not an EU citizen. So his exclusion from the United Kingdom would be perfectly simple to accomplish. That exclusion is very long overdue.

Fred Preuss said...

People who exalt and those who damn are both idolaters. Neither Obama or the pope or (virtually)anyone else could be either than good or that evil.
Obama is being pledged to as if we had just become a monarchy; unbelievably foolish for both him and the country.
Joke running around the US: "What's the difference between Jesus and Obama? Jesus only had to perform three years of miracles."

Tribunus said...

Exalt or damn what?

They are not intransitive verbs.

I know you Yanks are not all that good at English grammar - as in "No noun that you cain't 'verb'" - but could we have an object in the sentence, please?

And it's either...or and neither..nor - not neither...or.

Over to you, Freddie!