Saturday 1 September 2018

Our Lady of Akita: what Sister Sasagawa was told by the Blessed Virgin....

Our Lady of Akita began to appear to Sister Sasagawa in Akita, Japan to warn her of the coming chastisement if men do not repent.

This was clearly connected to the apparitions at Fatima and reflects the same messages.

The statute of the Blessed Virgin in the church at Akita began to weep and the tears were salty. Bishop Ito had them tested and they were found to be human tears.

The messages are very serious and alarming. They speak of fire descending from the skies to destroy most of the world, the good and bad both dying, a punishment more heavy than the Flood!

The Bishop has judged these messages to be of supernatural origin.

Surely, these messages are truly for our times. Can we doubt this now that we know that so much of what the Blessed Virgin has said about the state of the Church is coming true before our very eyes!

These recent weeks we have all been amazed by the evils we have seen and heard. Let us therefore remember the words of our Lady and repent and be saved.

Heed the messages, O ye cardinals, bishops and priests and, indeed, all of us!

"Cardinals will oppose Cardinals. Bishops will oppose Bishops. Those priests who revere Me will be despised and attacked by their colleagues. Churches and altars will be desecrated. The Church will be filled with those who accept compromise. The Devil will lead many priests and religious to resign their calling. Especially the Devil is working on souls who are consecrated to the Father. The loss of so many souls is my distress...."

Now is the time of mercy and repentance and the wicked cardinals, bishops and priests must especially take advantage of this time to repent of their sins and be converted to God.

So must we all!

Come then, all you who have sinned and fallen away, and heed our Lady's call and warning.
Repent and be saved.
Listen to the voice of God's Mother who desires us to be saved because she and her Son love us deeply.
Recognise this love - turn back to God - be saved.