Tuesday 20 July 2021

TRADITIONIS CUSTODAE: Pope Francis declares war on the old rite...but only succeeds in alienating yet more people...


Well, we were warned!

And now it has come.

And it is every bit as silly, crass, badly-drafted and foolish as we were led to believe it would be.

But all that Pope Francis has succeeded in doing is alienating yet more people against him.

He is a classic tyrant - he rules not for the common good but solely for himself.

With this latest document he has strengthened the traditional movement by treating it so badly and winning the sympathy of millions for it.

But think of the consequences for himself - a pope who actually tries to destroy what the Church and the Holy Spirit have built up over 2,000 years.

What a perilous state he has put himself in!

He has incurred the "wrath of God" that St Pius V warned of in Quo Primum would be the fate of any and all who tried to tamper with the traditional Roman rite.

He will simply be more and more alienated from the Faithful and from the good.

Let us see what Hilary White has to say on the subject in this brilliant article...

Hilary White comments....