Saturday 6 April 2013

Memo to bishop: even the disabled understand Latin better than many clergy...

How many times have you heard the lame excuse from Novus Ordo prelates that the Faithful don't understand Latin.

It is, of course, nonsense.

If you go to the Latin Mass often enough you soon understand it very well.

At a Latin Mass recently I was particularly moved to see two severely handicapped boys not only speaking the Latin word-perfect but also even singing it, again word perfect. And yet these two boys have grave difficulty speaking at all, normally.

Got that, bishops and prelates?

These two handicapped boys, who normally can hardly speak, can recite and sing the Latin better than most of your modern day, idle and unlearned clergy who have no handicap at all.

What a disgrace for those lamentably ignorant clergy who can't even be bothered to learn what two disabled boys were able to learn!

Gee! I dunno about Latin. It's all Greek to me! But I'm great on Mickey Mouse...

For nearly 2,000 years Latin rite Catholics heard mass in Latin and were able to understand it. The familiarity with the words of the mass lifted the ordinary Faithful up to a higher level of learning, rather than dumbing down the liturgical rites to the lowest level of understanding.

Now that so many clergy and bishops are so ill-educated, lazy and just plain dumb, they expect everyone else to lower themselves to their same minimalist standard!

It is just a disgrace.

And just plain dumb...

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