Sunday 20 February 2011

Motu Proprio under threat! Sign the Petition!

There are ugly rumours doing the rounds that there is to be a "clarification" of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.

The position is very confusing and unclear.

The time has come for action.

May I urge you all to sign the petition posted by the New Liturgical Movement blog?

Here is the introduction to the petition:

"This appeal came out of information coming from a variety of sources, suggesting that the forthcoming Instruction on Summorum Pontificum may contain restrictive elements (or, at very least, elements that could be interpreted restrictively) thereby having the adverse effect of limiting the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum in some manner – or at least making this more possible.

Obviously, we do not presume to know what the text may say. However, in checking in with a variety of our own sources, we have confirmed that there is a very real and substantive reason for some concern here. Substantial enough that a joint, multi-blog, international appeal has been launched:

The appeal does not presume to know or state what the actual contents of this proposed instruction are, however, in the light of the aforementioned reports, and given credible confirmations that there is reason for concern, it simply wishes to calmly and respectfully share our concern with the Holy Father about this potentiality, asking that, whatever is finally released, that the integrity of the letter and the spirit of the
motu proprio Summorum Pontificum be preserved.

If, in the end , there is nothing to any of this, then we shall all be very thankful indeed. But if there is substance to this, then at least our concern will have been respectfully voiced to our pastors and to our beloved Holy Father.

Who should then sign this? Everyone who is concerned with liturgical patrimony and mutual enrichment. Whether you are attached to the Ordinary Form and see a reform of the reform, a re-enchantment, as your primary liturgical focus, or the
usus antiquior, the other Western liturgical rites/uses, or even are an Eastern Christian, I believe we all have something potentially at stake here, either in practice, in effect, or in principle at very least."

Well said!

Please, therefore - sign the petition now!

Thank you and God bless you all!

God protect our Pope!



Servant of the Chief said...

I've been a layman Attendent of the Novo Ordo Mass for pretty much all my life. I however, have rejoiced greatly when Motu Proprio was announced, and wished for a greater enrichment of the faith that the love of Tradition would bring! Truly it is a blessing on the Church. God Save il Papa!

Josephus Muris Saliensis said...

Please put the link in!

Anita Moore said...

I have signed. I hope the rumors are false. It's tough enough to get the Extraordinary Form Mass as it is!

I would like to have the same horror and loathing for sin that so many of my fellow Catholics have for the Mass of Tradition and all that goes with it.

Clotilde Frazier said...

I cannot sign because the Motu by it own ambiguity was never meant to be anything than a metaphorical Judas goat, meant to lead the last of the remnant into perdition. I remain outside the New Order's blasphemous temple, weeping for my Lord's Bride, who has been struck from within.

Clotilde Frazier said...

I am grateful that a son of the church admirably illustrated a history of Catholic suffering on this site. Now, it is time, don't you think?, to illustrate how the church was infiltrated and destroyed from within.

It is long overdue to tell the story of many who have been vanquished and lost to the faith because many misguided souls would not fight back the vandals, due to misguided beliefs of false obedience.

Who blaspheme our Lord God with regularity? Who are complicit as they watch the abomination of desolation? Lord have mercy...

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