Tuesday 11 May 2010

The Right Hon David Cameron MP, new British Prime Minister

Here is the speech of the new British Prime Minister, Rt Hon David Cameron MP.


He begins his speech recognising that it is the Queen who has invited him to form a government.

I think with Mr Cameron we might see a return to a little more respect for the great institutions of British society rather than the general contempt that seemed to be the chief characteristic of some in the out-going administration.

It is good, too, to see his attractive wife, Samantha, clearly pregnant with their next child - "Sam Cam with a new Pram" as she's been dubbed by some in the media.

I hope Mr Cameron means what he says about protecting the elderly and vulnerable and that he will reverse some of the recent trends that have been going in the opposite direction, particularly in modern British hospitals.

At 43, he will be the youngest PM since Lord Liverpool. And the first Old Etonian PM since Harold MacMillan.

Mr Cameron is also the Queen's 5th cousin twice removed through his descent from King William IV.

In addition, Mrs Cameron (born Samantha Sheffield) is through her father, Sir Reginald Sheffield Bt, 8th Baronet, descended no less than 3 times from King Charles II.

And, of course, the new PM, being a Cameron, comes from that famous Scottish Clan that was the mainstay of support for Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Cameron of Lochiel was the first Clan leader to come out for the Prince in 1745.

The Badge of Clan Cameron, enclosing the crest of the Chief, Cameron of Locheil. The Gaelic motto is "let us unite", appropriately.


1 comment:

Tribunus said...

Some foolish correspondent wanted to moan here about the fact that Cameron is not anti-abortion and anti-civil partnerships.


There is no stopping the utter dumbness of some folk.

How much more pro-life and pro-family does he think the alternatives are?

Has he seen the record of the Labour Party on these issues?

And if Cameron was not PM who does he think would have become PM?


I sometimes wonder if people like him or her ever think before they open their mouths or type.