Wednesday 19 May 2010

The gathering of the House of Austria for the 90th birthday of HI&RH Empress Zita

The arms of the Houses of Austria and of Hungary combined


HI&RH Archduke Rudolph of Austria

fifth son of the Blessed Emperor Charles of Austria
is in the second row of adults, fourth from the left, below, just behind his eldest brother,

HI&RH Archduke Otto of Austria,
the eldest son and true successor of the blessed emperor.

Archduke Rudolph was ever a fine Catholic gentleman of the old school and all who knew him, loved him, and will be greatly saddened at his departure.

Ora pro eo et requiem aeternum dona ei, Domine. RIP.

God save and bless the ancient and noble House of Austria that once so benignly ruled the Christian Roman Empire, and its successor, Austria, of whom it was said:

Alii bella gerent, tu, felix Austria, nubes

"Others make war but Thou, O happy Austria, simply marry!"

because they did not gain their empire through conquest but by the peaceful means of marriage and family life and the blessing of the Church and of God

and for whom the acronym was devised


Austriae est imperare orbi universo

"Austria's destiny is to rule the whole world"


Austria erit in orbe ultima

"The House of Austria shall be the last surviving in the world"

May this great House subsist until the end of time and may it lead the world through an example of love and fidelity to God, to the Church and to all mankind.

~~ " ~~

Let us pray, then, for the soul of the lately departed HI&RH Archduke Rudolph, 5th son of the Blessed Emperor Charles of Austria, and all the deceased members of the House of Austria.


Iustorum autem animae in manu Dei sunt et non tanget illos tormentum mortis visi sunt in oculis insipientium mori et aestimata est adflictio exitus illorum et quod a nobis est iter exterminii illi autem sunt in pace.

“The souls of the just are in the hand of God…in the sight of the unwise they seemed to die and their departure was taken for misery and their going away from us was seen as utter destruction but, in truth, they are at peace”

Wisdom iii.1-3



Anonymous said...

1. "Austria est imperare orbem ultimum." "Austria is to rule the whole world."
This does not seem correct. Ultimum mean "last, final, or ultimate" (as you translate it below, not "the whole."
Perhaps the original Latin here had "universum" rather than "ultimum?"
If so, I'd suggest: "It falls to Austria to rule the whole world."

2. "Austria erat in orbe ultimo"
"The House of Austria shall subsist until the end of the world." The difficulty with this translation is that "erat" is past tense. Could it be that the original should be "erit" (future). Moreover, orbis means world in the spatial sense of the globe or earth not the temproal age (saeculum or mundum). "In" would require an accusative to have the sense of "until." I'd suggest that the Latin as presented should be "Austria was (present) in the whole world (earth)."

Tribunus said...

Well spotted, Anonymous.

Here's what it should read:

Austria erit in orbe ultima.

Austria will be the last (surviving) in the world.

Austriae est imperare orbi universo.

It is Austria's destiny to rule the whole world.

How's that?