Thursday 26 March 2020

A Viennese Imperial Ball - to take your mind of things!

During these bleak times....when both the Lenten season and the Corona virus forbid us to go to balls and dances...'s something to take your mind of it all...a Viennese Imperial Ball at the Hofburg in the presence of the Emperor and Empress!

Gause, Wilhelm.  Court Ball at the Hofburg. 1900. (Wien Museum Karlsplatz, Vienna, Austria)

And at the Hofburg from the film Sissi, on the life of the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, with the part of the Empress played by Romy Schneider and the Emperor Franz Joseph by Karlheinz Boehm:

And another, with Romy Schneider as Queen Victoria, this time dancing with Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (played by Adrian Hoven) dressed as an officer of hussars (and whom, of course, she later marries):

Here is another ballroom scene from Il Gattopardo (the Leopard) in which the Prince of Salina (played by Burt Lancaster) shows that he can dance superbly well.

And finally, Rudolf Rassendyll (played by Stewart Granger), as King Rudolf of Ruritania, dancing with the Princess Flavia (played by Deborah Kerr) who has fallen in love with him, instead of the real King who has never treated her half so well as does Mr Rassendyll!

Let us look forward to an end of the virus and the coming of Easter!

And cheer up, everyone...make the most of Lent while it lasts!


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