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The Leftist West UTTERLY BETRAYED Zimbabwe-Rhodesia - shamelessly, treacherously, appallingly....and no-one now cares, it seems...

Anyone remember Rhodesia?

Anyone remember Ian Smith?

Well, the younger generation will not remember but older folk may well remember. They may also remember the relentless, incessant, unceasing, night-after-night, Leftist propaganda emanating from the Western media, particularly the BBC, pounding, pounding, pounding the viewing public with its pro-revolution message.

Here is an example - from Thames TV with Jonathan Dimbleby, later a famous ratbag Leftist BBC TV journalist from the Leftist Dimbleby broadcasting dynasty:

Dimbleby, like his brother, has spent a lifetime as a fellow-traveller of Leftist revolution.

In this broadcast, he refers throughout to the Rhodesian Prime Minister, Mr Ian Smith, as merely "Smith" - no "Mister" - just "Smith".

This was absolutely standard throughout the Leftist UK media. Everyone was called by the title "Mr"....except Mr Smith.

This was despite the fact that Mr Smith had served in the RAF - and had been wounded several times - fighting for the freedom of the very Britain whose government later shamelessly betrayed him and the people of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.

When the Second World War broke out in 1939, Southern Rhodesia had had self-government for 16 years, having gained responsible government from the UK in 1923. It was unique in the British Empire and Commonwealth in that it held extensive autonomous powers (including defence, but not foreign affairs) while lacking dominion status.

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Mr Ian Smith, Prime Minister of Rhodesia (1964-1979)

As a British colony, Southern Rhodesia entered the conflict automatically when Britain declared war on 3 September 1939, but its government issued a symbolic declaration of war anyway.

Ian Smith, who was about halfway through his university course, later described feeling patriotically compelled to put his studies aside to "fight for Britain and all that it represented". He wanted to join the Royal Air Force, but was prevented from immediately doing so by a policy adopted in Rhodesia not to recruit university students until after they graduated. He engineered his recruitment into the Royal Air Force (RAF), in spite of this rule during 1940, suppressing mention of his studies, and formally joined in September 1941.

After a year's training at Gwelo under the Empire Air Training Scheme, Ian Smith passed out with the rank of pilot officer in September 1942. He hoped to be stationed in Britain to fight against the Luftwaffe in defence of Britain, but was posted to the Middle East instead; there he joined No. 237 (Rhodesia) Squadron RAF, flying Hurricanes.

In October 1943, in Egypt, Ian Smith crashed suffering serious facial disfigurements, he also broke his jaw, leg and shoulder. Doctors and surgeons in Cairo rebuilt Ian Smith's face through skin grafts and plastic surgery, and he was passed fit to fly again in March 1944.

Turning down an offer to return to Rhodesia as an instructor, so that he could continue battle flying, he rejoined No. 237 Squadron, which had switched to flying Spitfire Mk IXs, in Corsica in May 1944.

A portrait photograph of a young man in an air force uniform
Flying Officer Ian Smith RAF
served as a fighter pilot  in the British air force
to defend the Britain that later so shamefully and ungratefully betrayed him
and the Rhodesian-Zimbabwean people, even those who had fought, suffered and died to save Britain

During a strafing raid over northern Italy on 22 June 1944, enemy flak hit Smith's craft and he had to bail out behind German lines. A peasant family named Zunino hid him for a brief time; he then joined a group of pro-Allied Italian partisans with whom he took part in sabotage operations against the German garrison for about three months.

When the German army pulled out of the area in October 1944, Ian Smith left to try to link up with the Allied forces who had just invaded southern France.

Accompanied by three other servicemen, each from a different European country, and a local guide, Smith hiked across the Maritime Alps, finishing the journey walking barefoot on the ice and snow. American troops recovered him in November 1944.

Ian Smith again turned down the offer of a billet in Rhodesia and returned to active service in April 1945 with No. 130 (Punjab) Squadron, by then based in western Germany. He flew combat missions until the war in Europe ended on 7 May 1945 with Germany's surrender.

Ian Smith remained with No. 130 Squadron for the rest of his service, flying with the unit to Denmark and Norway, and was discharged at the end of 1945 with the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

In return for, and as a reward for, his courageous and faithful service in the RAF in defence of Britain and freedom, Ian Smith was vilified, abused and insulted by the British media and, far from giving him his due rank of Flight Lieutenant, they did not even extend him the elementary courtesy of calling him "Mr" Smith - but only the derisive and deliberately insulting "Smith", usually spat out as if he were another Hitler....despite the fact that he fought courageously in the war against Hitler.

After free and fair and multi-racial elections, in 1979, a mixed race government was elected with Bishop Abel Muzorewa as head. But the government also included Mr Ian Smith.

The Western racists and Leftists could not accept this.

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Bishop Abel Muzorewa, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia (1979-1980)

The US and British governments rejected the result, despite it being a free and fair election, and demanded a fresh election.

The United Nations Security Council passed several resolutions against what they called, with zero justification, an "illegal" election, including Resolution 445 and Resolution 448, both of which argued that the election was not representative of the Zimbabwean people. In these resolutions, the UN declared the results of the election null and void, a declaration that had no legal power.

It was the interference of the UN and the US and British governments which was illegal.

But the Western media and governments nevertheless relentlessly continued their Leftist campaign of disinformation, propaganda and hatred in favour of revolution, civil war and terrorism.

And that is what came - revolution, civil war and terrorism - culminating in a completely corrupt election, gerrymandered by the naked use of force by the terrorists of Robert Mugabe and his ZANU/ZANLA Party consisting almost exclusively of his Shona tribesmen, of which he was one of the the tribal chiefs.

Image result for robert mugabe
Robert Mugabe
the UTTERLY EVIL Prime Minister and lifetime Marxist President of Zimbabwe
for 37 years from 1980-2017, as a One Party State for most of that time and
who oppressed the people into total devastation, utter poverty, starvation
and 80 billion percent inflation

Robert Mugabe set about creating a Marxist, One Party state with himself as permanent, lifetime, unelected and irremovable President.

Robert Mugabe then - like almost every Communist terrorist dictator - turned the economy into his personal asset, he expelled the white farmers in a nakedly racist, anti-white policy, murdered his fellow terrorists, like Joshua Nkomo, the equally Marxist head of ZAPU/ZIPRA and the Ndebele people, and utterly despoiled, raped and ruined the Zimbabwe economy, to the utter ruination of the people he claimed to be "liberating", hopelessly impoverishing the majority blacks of Zimbabwe.

His legacy is one of 80 BILLION PERCENT INFLATION and starvation, poverty, disease, death and destruction.


Mugabe remained lifetime President almost until he died. He ruined Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, once the bread basket of Africa, utterly and totally.

This was also the disgusting legacy of the arrogant, racist, interfering Western governments and UN.

Here is an example of the Leftist media propaganda that so relentlessly supported the murdering, brutal, Marxist dictator, Robert Mugabe, pretending - to their eternal shame and disgrace - that this would be good for the people of Zimbabwe.

Here is an even more biased BBC Newsnight report with Peter Snow from another BBC leftist "dynasty", the Snow family:

And here is an even yet more biased report, so typical of the time:

"A bag of corn for an empty stomach" - really? Wait until you see what was to come under Mugabe!

"Shot accidentally or otherwise" - accidentally? Really? And drove accidentally onto landmines, too?

"Guerrillas" - really? Or were they really just murdering terrorists from ZANLA and ZIPRA?

The fact is that they were terrorists - murdering terrorists.

And what did the revolution of these terrorists bring about?

Here is the truth...

And - now that the utterly evil Mugabe has finally gone after nearly 40 years - the new regime has invited the expelled white farmers to return to Zimbabwe to get the farms and agriculture working again:

Yes, really. And the black farm workers are delighted - jobs, food, money, clothing and shelter - AT LAST!


Extraordinary but true.

And here is a ROGUES' GALLERY of just a few of the UTTER SWINE who delivered the unsuspecting back and white people of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia into the hands of a monster:

the disgraceful, arrogant men who condemned Zimbabwe to be crushed by Mugabe...

Image result for harold wilson
Rt Hon Harold Wilson, British Prime Minister (1964-1970 and 1974-1976), later Lord Wilson of Rievaulx

Rt Hon James Callaghan, British Prime Minister (1976-79), later Lord Callaghan of Cardiff

Image result for David Owen
Rt Hon Dr David Owen, British Foreign Secretary (1977-79), later Lord Owen

Image result for peter carrington
Rt Hon Peter, 6th Baron Carington, British Foreign Secretary (1979-82)

Image result for sir francis pym
Rt Hon Sir Francis Pym, British Foreign Secretary (!982-83), later Lord Pym of Sandy

Image result for sir geoffrey howe
  Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Howe, British Foreign Secretary (1983-89), later Lord Howe of Aberavon, CH, PC, QC

Image result for Jimmy Carter
US President Jimmy Carter (1977-81)

Cyrus R. Vance
Mr Cyrus Vance, US Secretary of State (1977-1980)

Hang your heads in shame, you who so betrayed and sold out the people of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia to Marxist dictatorship...

....and handed them over to the brutal, merciless Marxist dictator, Robert Mugabe, who oppressed his people into utter devastation and starvation!

Lest we forget the shameless betrayal of a people!

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