Wednesday 22 May 2019

SOCIALISM is....destruction, murder, theft, robbery, oppression, child abuse and utter crushing of the poor...look at Venezuela...

Want to know what it is like to live under Socialism?

Try Venezuela for size...

This is what happens to a country whose people allow themselves to be duped by the lies of an arrogant, bullying, murderous, thieving robber like "Commandante" Hugo Chavez and his pathetic, uneducated, bus driver successor, Nicolas Maduro.

Let this be a lesson to the world.

This is the REAL result of the utter lies that constantly flow out of the mouths of that species of cheating scoundrel called the "Socialist".

And yet still people allow themselves to be deluded by liars, cheats and murderers like Chavez and Maduro.

Here is what an under-cover Australian TV crew found in the utterly devastated country of Venezuela.

Notice how the lying scoundrel, Chavez, tells the people that "Socialism is the kingdom of God on earth".

Yes - and haven't we heard that before?

That is what they said in all other Marxist Communist countries that failed so horribly and miserably.

It is but the harbinger of the criminal, terrorist state....


Save humanity! Abolish atheistic Socialism....



Anonymous said...

Worse than living under Pope Bergoglio!

Tribunus said...

Yes, indeed!