Tuesday 7 August 2018

VENEZUELA, Socialism in action...poverty, sickness, death, crime, corruption, tyranny and horror is the result!

Listen up, Socialist hypocrites and see what your favourite political lie has done for the once rich country of Venezuela.

 And did you hear that they introduced Socialism into the Sahara desert?

Within 3 months there was a shortage of sand!

Venezuela is far, far worse.

20 years of Socialism has left Venezuela, once the richest country in Latin America, in a total, appalling crisis - a hell hole and an humanitarian disaster area. 

Most Venezuelans go to bed hungry. Food and basic medicines are unavailable to most people. 15% of Venezuelans eat garbage to survive. Government workers can only work 2 days a week because there aren’t enough power resources to keep the government offices open.

Riots and protests 

Riots, protests and demonstrations are an everyday occurrence because the dictator of Venezuela, criminally corrupt President Nicholas Maduro, is breaching the Constitution, refusing elections, international aid and, above all, to stand down.

 This criminal is the chosen successor of the later neo-Marxist, Red Communist dictator and thug, and former Army Major, Hugo Chavez.

Chavez first started to destroy his own country by the usual Marxist policies of expropriation, nationalisation, price controls, massive corruption and over-spending, pocket-lining and favour-paying to his cronies in a criminal regime that useful Leftist idiots in the world’s media pretend was guided by an “enlightened” political philosophy called “Chavismo” after the dictator, himself.


Most industry was nationalised (i.e. simply stolen by the government and then mismanaged and destroyed) so that there is now no industry in Venezuela and the country has to import everything. 

Chavez was able to get away with his criminal, neo-Marxist policy of national robbery because Venezuela is the most oil-rich country in the world and he used the oil revenues to pay for his corrupt, criminal regime.

But then.....oil prices fell and Venezuela was left hopelessly exposed by the criminal policies of political psychopath, Chavez.

Nicholas Maduro 

Now Maduro is continuing the same criminal policies but with the difference that everyone can now see that there is no money to pay for it.

Maduro doesn’t care.

He is another classic neo-Marxist psychopath who blames everything on the USA, the usual bugbear of the Marxist Left when they find that their utterly stupid Marxist policies have failed.

Chavez’s mass redistribution of wealth, leading to wholesale corruption, and chaotic financial mismanagement, waste and improvidence, was, and is, the basis for the country’s economic collapse. 

Needless to say both Chavez and Maduro will tolerate no dissent or opposition, typical of the tyranny common to all dictators.

Both demonstrate the usual brutal authoritarian policies of suppressing press freedom and both regularly locked up his opponents.

Here is a video from Al Jazeera that gives a flavour of the hell that is now Venezuela:

And here is an undercover story by an Australian journalist who shows how bad things really are:

And a discussion of what it's like there:

...and the collapse explained here:

....and tens of thousands are leaving the country...

Both dictators funded gangs known as colectivos, who intimidate the poor into supporting the regime, whilst vomiting pro-government propaganda everywhere.

How many people have died in Venezuela because they were unable to get simple medicines? More and more and more every day. It is a disgraceful situation - utterly disgraceful.

There can be no toleration of criminals like Chavez and Maduro. They seize and hang onto power illegally and unconstitutionally.

BUT….as is so common amongst the even more odious, and disgustingly selfish, Left Wing elites in the rich countries of the Western world, Chavez and Maduro are actually being PRAISED by them.

The gutless hypocrisy of the Left Wing elites has to be seen to be believed. 

The worst, hottest and nastiest place in Hell is surely reserved for such people.

Here is the Roll of Shame of the Left Wing creeps, liars, cheats and selfish, self-serving ratbags who actually PRAISED the odious, criminal gangsters in Venezuela.


Noam Chomsky

Disgusting hypocrite of the Left, retired MIT professor Noam Chomsky praised Chavez’s  “historic liberation of Latin America” which was “destructive to the rich oligarchy.”

Yeah, right, Noam. How’s that “historic liberation” coming along, hmmm?

Sean Penn

Self-worshiping singer and unimpressive actor, Sean Penn, was a particular fan of Chavez, visiting him many times calling the dictator a “fascinating guy” who did “incredible things for the 80% of the people that are very poor there” adding, after Chavez’s death,

After Chávez’s death in 2013, Penn said that “poor people around the world lost a champion” and that “Venezuela and its revolution will endure under the proven leadership of vice president Nicolas Maduro”.

Oh, sure, Sean – nice people…who left the poor to starve and die.

Sean…do us all a favour. Put your head back in the sand bucket!

Oliver Stone

Loony Left Wing film director Oliver Stone so grovelled at the feet of the Venezuelan dictator that he even made a film about him. It was no more truthful than any of Stone’s other dishonest films.

When Chavez dies, the idiotic Stone burbled “I mourn a great hero to the majority of his people and those who struggle throughout the world for a place,” adding “hated by the entrenched classes, Hugo Chavez will live forever in history.”

Oh, right, Ollie…he will live in history as a dishonest scoundrel, so you can go back to your pampered, super-rich, self-indulgent place among the “entrenched classes”!

Jesse Jackson

Lefty preacher, Jesse Jackson, visited Caracas in 2005 and praised Chavez for his “focus on foreign debt, debt relief, and free and fair trade to overcome years of structural disorder, unnecessary military spending, [and] land reform” and, after Chavez died, claimed that “Hugo fed the hungry. He lifted the poor. He raised their hopes. He helped them realize their dreams. And, so, today we do mourn, because we’ve lost a lot. But we have a lot left – a stable government, an orderly transition”.

Oh, really, Jesse? How’s that “stable government, orderly transition” coming along, then, hmmm? Not so good, huh……?

Michael Moore

That utterly ridiculous hypocrite, Michael Moore, praised Chavez for “eliminating 75 percent of extreme poverty” while “[providing] free health and education for all”.

Hey, there, Mike! How’s that “eliminating…poverty” and “free health and education for all” coming along? Say what, Mike? Speak up, boy! We can’t hear you….!

Jeremy Corbyn

British Labour Party leader and bumbling, ludicrous, neo-Marxist sack of old moth-eaten socks, Jeremy Corbyn, was (of course!) an enthusiastic supporter of Chavez and his corrupt, tin-pot, neo-Marxist, robber regime.

When Chavez died, the fatuous Corbyn claimed that Chavez ensured that “that the poor matter and wealth can be shared,” adding he had made “massive contributions to Venezuela and the world.”

Ok, Jezza! How’s that “massive contribution to Venezuela” coming along, now, hmmmm? Not so brilliant, eh?

Diego Maradona

Argentinian soccer moron, Diego Maradona, was yet another one of Chavez’s super-rich friends who claimed to hate “everything that comes from the United States”.

Maradona is such a friend of the poor that he owes Italy over $US30 million in unpaid taxes, lives a super-luxury lifestyle and doesn’t give a flying tuppenny two-bag for the poor.

Needless to say that this filthy rich sleaze ball, who famously won a world cup by cheatingly handballing a goal, was also a supporter of Cuban criminal gangster and dictator, Fidel Castro.

Naomi Campbell

Super-rich, super-selfish super-model, Naomi Campbell, who is so odiously selfish that almost no-one likes to work with her, visited Venezuela and felt moved to praise the dictator Chavez, saying “I’m amazed to see the love and encouragement for the social programs that you have here for women and children in Venezuela”.

Oh, right, Naomi. I bet you were “amazed”!

She also called Chavez a “rebel angel,” who was “fearless, but not threatening or unreasonable”.

Even the half-witted Campbell realised this was too much and has since taken these comments down.

Well, Naomi. There’s a surprise.

Danny Glover

Pea-brained actor, Danny Glover, became one of Chavez’s most prominent supporters. Maybe the fact that the Venezuelan government gave Glover $US18 million to direct a film about the Haitian revolution had something to do with that?

Is there anything these long-snouted actors would not do for money?

And the film was never even released!

Glover’s transparently insincere rhetoric about the Venezuelan dictators is among some of the most vapid, grovelling and sickening.

Try this for size: “He was not only my friend, he was my brother… It’s difficult for a leader like him to exist in these times. His vision for humanity and the world can only be compared to that of leaders like Nelson Mandela. He was a great man and I cried when he died”.

The bone-headed Glover even went on to praise the totally failed President, Maduro, urging him “to continue [Chavez’s] vision of a participatory democracy, one involving all citizens” and called his criminal, neo-Marxist government “the stewards of this democracy.”

Doh! Words fail one…

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