Tuesday 26 June 2018

America today...how debased, sad and pathetic....

America really has fallen to the lowest of the low. How sad.

The latest example is the worthless, useless and embarrassing rant of actor, Robert de Niro at the Tony Awards.

Really quite sad.

Try this:

How childish...and dumb. And this useless imbecile thinks that it is somehow the act of a "tough guy" to shout obscenity and then hold up his fists and flex his muscles?


Is that it?

Is this modern America?


Is that the best you can offer today?

Message to Hollywood actors and actresses: your job is ACTING, not political commentary. What the hell do you actors know about political commentary? You know nothing worth knowing about politics. You know about acting. That's it!

No-one is interested in your jejune, ill-conceived, shallow and superficial political ideas.

Not interested!

Got it?

Get used to it.

What now passes for comedy in America...tragic, dumb, foul-mouthed ranting.

What a pathetic fool he has made of himself...
~~~ OOO ~~~

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