Thursday 6 November 2014

El Dialogo de Carmelitas - a Spanish version of this heroic witness...

For those who can follow the Spanish, here is an excellent version of the story - El Dialogo de Carmelitas (originally in French).

It stars, as the Mother Prioress, the famous Italian actress, Alida Valli, born  Alida Maria Laura, Reichsfreiin (Baroness-imperial) von Altenburger von Marckenstein und Frauenberg of the Holy Roman Empire, who is famous in the English-speaking world for her role as Anna, the amour of the outlaw, Harry Lime, in the Hollywood blockbuster, The Third Man, itself set in the ruins of old, Catholic and imperial Vienna.

There is no escaping it: Europe owes its true origin and greatness to the Catholic religion and its decline to its retreat from Christ.

This version of the Compiegne story of the holy Carmelite martyrs is a particularly expressive one and again emphasizes the heroism of these saintly and remarkable women.

Oh, how we lack, in our times, convents as faithful and zealous as this - and how much we are in sore need of them! It is for lack of such that our times have become so perilous, godless and faithless. We lack these role models of sanctity, humility and simplicity - and, of course, heroism.

It is a salutary reminder to us that we must strive and pray with fervour to be even remotely worthy to share heaven with heroines such as these holy princesses who have deserved to reign forever in glory with their sacred Spouse, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Holy sisters of Compiegne, pray for us!



Irish Jacobite said...

Why did the Church condemn the fenians
exactly? What were the specific reasons?

The Irish Jacobite said...

Can do a piece great catholic monarch please.

Felix said...

Apparently, after all the martyrs had been killed, a woman standing nearby said, "if they aren't in Heaven, no-one is". Which always puts me in mind of the Centurian's comments after Our Lord's death.

Tribunus said...

Exactly, Felix. Well said!

Tribunus said...

Dear Irish Jacobite,

Good question.

I'll do a post on it.