Saturday 25 October 2014

Pseud's corner...please welcome another Nationalist bigot...

Well, folks, just as I said. Right on cue, we have yet another fine example of the campaign bigotry of the "Yes" campaign in the recent Scottish Referendum.

Step forward a self-deluder who disguises himself under the honourable title of Alasdair Mac Colla.

The real Alasdair Mac Colla - as opposed to the half-witted pseud who calls himself by that sobriquet on the internet - was a Scottish Gael who lived around 1610–1647 (Alasdair Mac Colla Chiotaich Mac Domhnuill meaning “son of the left-handed Coll MacDonald” and he was often wrongly nicknamed “Colkitto” – left-handed Coll - for short).

Alasdair MacColla "Colkitto" - Alasdair Mac Colla Chiotaich Mac Domhnuill - c.1610–1647

He was, like all his clan, Catholic and fought in the wars of the Three Kingdoms, siding – PLEASE NOTE – with the Royalists and Irish Monarchist Confederates. Got that, Mr Internet Pseud? No republican nationalist, he was, in fact, a CATHOLIC MONARCHIST.

He and his clan strongly opposed the Presbyterian Campbells, the turncoat highland Clan who fought for the imposition of the national Covenant and the fanatical Solemn League and Covenant and sought to oust King Charles I, the true Stewart King of the Three Kingdoms.

Eikon Basilike
a devout representation of the martyr-king, King Charles I,
receiving the Crown of Thorns in imitation of his Saviour, Christ the King

Mac Colla opposed the settlement of Ulster by Scottish Covenanter planters. He led an Irish force to cross over to Scotland to support James Graham, the 1st Marquess of Montrose, commander of the Royalist army in Scotland and the principal adherent of King Charles I. Montrose conferred Knighthood upon Mac Colla in the name of King Charles I.

So - he was NOT a republican or a nationalist.

"the Great Montrose"
James Graham, 5th Earl and 1st Marquess of Montrose, and Chief of Clan Graham,
famous throughout Scotland for his brilliant campaigns in the Highlands for King Charles I against the Covenanters, although a Presbyterian himself

Alasdair Mac Colla was a MONARCHIST who supported the Stewart King Charles I (a Protestant and Anglican) and fought for the survival of the Three Kingdoms – England, Scotland and Ireland – all under the rule of the Stewart dynasty.

It was Oliver Cromwell and his band of murderous heretics who were the republicans, basing themselves upon the Calvinist republic of Geneva. They not only murdered their lawful sovereign, King Charles I, but, in typical republican heretical fashion, also murdered Mac Colla after he had been taken prisoner at Knockanauss.

The odious John Calvin, founder of the grim creed of Calvinism, and inspiration of much modern, secular, fanatical, bigoted, racist, nationalist republicanism

Calvin and Cromwell are the true fathers of republican murderers everywhere, including the IRA.

So - the bigot calling himself Mac Colla has wrongly named himself. We shall therefore call him Mr Pseud.

Pseud rants and raves as follows:

"You speak as a nationalist not as a Catholic. Check the actual stats, a majority of Catholics voted yes. Which is quite correct since voting yes was the correct position for traditionalist Catholics (Nostra nacio) Do you have any proof if racist facists in the yes camp. Certainly, the no loyalist unionist anti catholics burned our most sacred and holy cross of st andrew on the night of the result in George square Glasgow. Its nit just Scotland, the flemish movement is more Catholic than secular Belgium. As is the Tyrolian movement. The Quebec independence movement is more Catholic. Same with the Bretons in France. You'd not understand that being an American?"

No, Pseud. I speak as a Catholic who opposes your narrow, bigoted, fanatical, swivel-eyed nationalism.

No, Pseud. I speak as a Catholic Scot, descended from a very long line of Scots, including - directly - Sir William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce - and I am not an American. Never been American. Don't want to be American. And in case you hadn't notice, Mr Pseud, America is a republic and I am a Monarchist (like the real Mac Colla).

Are you getting it, now, Pseud?

And, no, Pseud. There is no "Nostra nacio" (which is neither Italian nor Latin) and no document or concept exists in the Catholic Church under that heading. You are simply making it up, Pseud.

And no, Pseud. The Flemish nationalist movement in Belgium is not largely Catholic but largely secularist, republican, anti-Catholic and anti-Monarchist. I know this. I visit regularly.

And no, Pseud. The tiny remnant Tyrolean nationalist movement in South Tyrol is no longer chiefly Catholic but largely secularist. I know this. I visit regularly. True Tyroleans are Habsburg loyalists, not separatist, nationalist fanatics.

And no, Pseud. The FLQ movement of Quebec are a largely Marxist organisation now and are openly anti-Catholic. And before the 1960s, the Catholic Canadians were fervently pro-British Empire because they recognised the British Empire as having saved them in the war of 1812 from the  invading American revolutionaries and in the 1860s from the doomed Fenian invasion of Canada from America.

You really are deeply ignorant, Mr Pseud.

As for the legions of racists and Fascists in the "Yes" camp, I gave you some evidence of that in my last post. Did you forget your glasses, Pseud?

Another bigoted nationalist fanatic...

Pseud is also fibbing. There are no stats showing that a majority of Catholics voted "yes" in the Scottish referendum. How could there be since the ballot was secret?

According to sociologist Dr Michael Rosie, a member of the Scottish Government's anti-­sectarianism expert group, rather than the more recent Social Attitudes survey revealing a shift in the "Catholic vote", it showed its near disappearance.

In the 1999 Social Attitudes survey, 21% of Church of Scotland identifiers backed independence, compared to 34% of Catholics, and 31% of those of no religion. By 2012, 30% of Catholics supported independence, compared to 26% among those of no religion, and 17% among Church of Scotland ­identifiers.

Clearly all were less keen on independence and 30% of Catholics is nothing like a majority of Catholics, even assuming that the vote was the same or that we are not talking about believing, church-going Catholics rather than those who merely identify as such for cultural reasons.

Got that, Pseud?

Dr Rosie said attitudes towards independence were better explained "by experiences of secularisation rather than through hackneyed religious truisms".

Dr Rosie further said: "Claims that Catholics are 'more likely' than others to support independence are rather superficial. When we factor in things like gender, class and age, the religious difference pretty much disappears altogether. This does not represent a shift in 'the Catholic vote'. It shows its near disappearance. Scotland's Catholics are not reducible to just their Catholicism, or for many their Irish heritage. They have many potential identities and whatever their Catholicism meant politically in the past, it has far less relevance today".

Got that, Pseud?

Labour MSP Siobhan McMahon added: "I'm surprised that any academic looks at the Catholic population as a homogenous group. It's about individuals and I doubt very much anyone will be voting along religious lines."

Got that, Pseud?

But Pseud then goes on to demonstrate his total ignorance of the facts in his next asinine posts:

"Croats and Poles supported Scottish self determination. Again check the stats. No interest in the awful Stuarts. Never mentioned them. Fools, wasters, mercenaries. Shame on you for commiting such sins by telling such lies about the Scottish Independence movement. We look to Michael Collins in Ireland not The Stuarts. The Irish republicans were sincere and devout Catholics while you sir are an Anglican quisling."

No, Pseud. Croats and Poles took little or no interest in the referendum. You are just making it up again.

Historically the Poles (and probably the Croats) certainly DID support the Stewarts, and the Bonnie Prince in particular, which is unsurprising since his mother, Princess Maria-Clementina of the House of Sobieski, was a Pole herself.

Princess Maria-Clementina of the Polish Royal House of Sobieski, following her marriage to King James III and VIII, true and de jure Queen of the Three Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland and mother of Prince Charles Edward Stewart, Bonnie Prince Charlie

Shame on you, Pseud. You clearly have no regard for truth.

But then - at last - out comes the real truth!

He looks to Michael Collins in Ireland, not the Stewarts! Well, of course he does! Because Mr Pseud is the true Quisling - a true nationalist Fascist.

As any fool knows, the Irish republicans were anti-Catholic revolutionaries, opposed by every single Catholic bishop in Ireland, excommunicated by the Irish Church and, in January 1875, by Blessed Pope Pius IX. They were a gang of terrorist thugs who thought nothing of murdering good Irish Catholics as they came out of mass or even when they were in the confessional.

A bigger parcel of cut-throats, murderers, terrorists and hell-bound devils could hardly be imagined than Michael Collins' murderous "Squad".

Michael Collins, ex-communicated republican and bigoted fanatic
who thought nothing of murdering his fellow countrymen in cold blood

Michael Collins was a marked and open enemy of the Catholic Church, a secularist, a revolutionary, a fornicator and a rebel who brutally and ruthlessly murdered his countrymen in cold blood for the sake of fanatical, racist and bigoted nationalism.

And Mr Pseud supports him! There you have it, folks! Need I say more?

I will bet anyone a penny to a pound that this twerp, Mr Pseud, is, himself, not of Scottish blood, originally, but is, I'll wager, of Irish extraction and has, from his childhood, imbibed the green poison of anti-Catholic Irish revolutionary, republican nationalism and now, like so many of his ilk, transfers his poisonous hatred to Scotland!

And THAT is almost certainly why he has no love for the Stewarts. He is probably not of Scottish ancestry, but, I'll wager, of emigrant Irish ancestry, although perhaps born and brought up in Scotland, as so many are in the "Yes" voting regions of Glasgow and Lanarkshire, the area of the UK with the lowest level of practice of the Catholic religion among those registered as Catholics.

And, by the way, Mr ignorant Pseud: Vidkun Quisling was a Norwegian Nazi and whatever you may say about Anglicans in Britain, the vast majority of them fought against Hitler, the Nazis and people like Quisling. So calling anyone an "Anglican Quisling" is a bit like calling them a square circle.

On the other hand, Sinn Fein, the IRA and the Irish republicans were enthusiastic supporters of Hitler and the Nazis.

The father of Gerry Adams even set lights on the surrounding hills to guide the Nazi bombers in to bomb his own city of Belfast. Yes, true fact!

And, as everyone knows, Eamonn de Valera made a point of going to the German Embassy to sign the condolence book upon learning of Hitler's suicide.

Gerry Adams, Sr., IRA gunman, republican nationalist fanatic, and father of Sinn Fein President, Gerry Adams, Jr., he himself helped guide in by light the Nazi bombers to bomb his own city of Belfast. Accused by his own family of being an abuser, his other son, Liam Adams was found guilty of 10 counts of rape and sexual abuse. Adams Sr. was a Belfast IRA gunman in the 1940s against Britain when Europe was at war with Hitler. He was captured during an IRA operation in 1942 when he shot an RUC police officer in the foot. He was sentenced to eight years in prison and served five. He was interned in 1971 along with his son, Gerry.

But - hey! - don't let anything like facts get in the way of your racist fantasy, will you, Mr Pseud.

And Pseud puts the final touches to his ranting tirade of ignorance in his last post:

"Presbyterianism was, is and always will be unionist. Check the voting stats and learn our history. You are supporting a Protestant state which treats Catholics badly."

No, Pseud. Presbyterianism has frequently been anti-Unionist, not least at the time of Mac Colla, when many Presbyterians opposed both King Charles I and Cromwell and wanted a Presbyterian Scotland, without King Charles I and without Westminster rule by Cromwell and his republican fanatics.

Furthermore, there were many Presbyterians among the Jacobites who sought for the return of the ancient Constitution of the Three Kingdoms, just like the hero of whom you clearly know so little, Alasdair Mac Colla!

In Clan Cameron, for example, Donald Cameron of Lochiel ensured that he had 3 chaplains - one Presbyterian, one Episcopalian and one, his own brother, Fr Alexander Cameron SJ, a Catholic and a Jesuit who later died of neglect, a prisoner in the prison hulks on the Thames. The Jacobite clans were genuinely ecumenical, unlike the bigots and fanatics of nationalism.

"The Gentle Lochiel"
Donald Cameron of Locheil, 19th Chief of Clan Cameron, and one of the best-loved of the Jacobite clan leaders.
It is notable that one of his acts whilst in charge of Edinburgh was to order that there be no reprisals against the Whigs for their opposition to the Prince. He had previously given orders to care for the prisoners after the Battle of Prestonpans, and later he would ensure that Glasgow did not suffer any reprisals for its loyalty to George II. Such acts contributed to his reputation for humanity; he became known to both friend and foe, alike, as the "Gentle Lochiel".

But Pseud doesn't care about the Camerons because he doesn't care about the ancient Scottish race. He only cares about fanaticism and bigotry of the kind exhibited by his murdering Irish republican hero, Michael Collins.

Pseud claims to be a Catholic. Catholic he clearly ain't. The sad truth of it is that he is a nationalist fanatic and an anti-English, racist bigot, masquerading as a Scottish Catholic which is deeply ironic given that he is almost certainly not even a Scot by blood.

Let us pray for his conversion from racist bigotry and fanaticism to the true and gentle paths of orthodox Roman Catholicism.

At present he is a million miles away from it, God help him.



Irish Jacobite said...

Hold on bit okay, Warren h carroll is fair to the irish rebels.I am catholic monarchist. I want a free ireland, but I do not want a damned republic! I want the O'Neil clan back on the throne!
and I want green harp flag of ireland back(I Hate Tricolours and don't like the orange on the flag).Also I want stewarts back on thrones of scotland and england the bourbons back on the throne of france and the Habsburgs restored to spanish and austrian thrones. The Great Catholic Monarch is coming, soon hopefully.

Tribunus said...

No objection to any of that, buddy!

Hail The O'Neill!

Tribunus said...

Or I should say:

Gach clocha sneachta an Uí Néill!

Irish Jacobite said...

Forgive my sloppy grammar, I was rushing.

Tribunus said...

No problem.

Erin go bragh!

Anonymous said...

"martyr-king, King Charles I" ??? Is he a Catholic martyr? I thought he was a Protestant who persecuted Catholics?

Tribunus said...

You thought wrong. He didn't persecute Catholics - he was married to one. However, Parliament did so during his rule but King Charles I was powerless to stop it because Parliament had already begun to oppose him openly.

King Charles I was obviously not a Catholic martyr - does that really need to be spelt out? He wasn't a Catholic.

He is regarded by Anglicans as an Anglican martyr, which, again obviously, he is.

Other religions have martyrs, too, you know. And it is perfectly possible for them to be in heaven, too, provided they do not reject the known truth and do not die in conscious sin, unrepentant.

The people more likely to be in Hell are those Catholics who know the Catholic religion is true but constantly betray it.

Many modern Catholic bishops are in immediate danger of this.

Tribunus said...

Message for anti-Catholic Fascist bigot Michael O'Cullane-Collins MacColla:

Your tripe will never appear on this Blog.

But, for your information:

- Michael Collins certainly was excommunicate as were all Fenian rebels

- Collins was not a daily mass goer. The only time he went to mass was when it suited his image or else when he was murdering someone coming out of mass.

He did indeed have a funeral at the Pro Cathedral but that was becuase of his political prominence, not his Catholicism.

Get your facts straight.