Sunday 21 September 2014

In a very close match, the C of E just wins the cricket match against the touring Vatican side by a narrow whisker...

It was a very exciting, nail-biting finish and a dramatic conclusion to the Vatican cricket team's first ever international cricket tour and match against the Church of England!

In a very close match, the Vatican team scored 106 runs in 20 overs, dragging its feet a little in the middle range of overs when, this being a 20/20 match, striking out was what was needed.
However, once the Vatican side went in to bowl they did so very tellingly and kept the home side down to only a few runs in the first several overs.
The home team rallied towards the last few overs and soon began to bring the game in to a very exciting and close finish.
The Vatican side let through a few extras - wides and no balls - to give the home team an advantage that was crucial.
Then, in the very last over, with only 3 runs needed, the Church of England batsman hit an impressive 4 to win the day.
The match was a huge success, with probably more Anglican and Catholic bishops together than one sees even at official ecumenical gatherings!
The match was followed by a gala dinner in the Kent County Cricket Club's pavilion with addresses from the captains and from the Archbishop of Canterbury and all proceeds went to the Global Freedom Network which campaigns against people-trafficking and modern slavery.

Here's a report from the Guardian newspaper

Vatican and Church of England cricket match

And the Canterbury Times:

Anglicans win first inter-faith cricket match

The whole concept was the brain child of Her Majesty's Australian Ambassador to the Holy See, his Excellency Mr John McCarthy QC, well-known Sydney barrister and Catholic layman.

 Her Majesty's Australian Ambassador to the Holy See, his Excellency Mr John McCarthy QC

An excellent initiative, superbly well executed. May this be the start of a regular series - perhaps like the Ashes series between England and Australia!


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