Thursday 7 June 2012

La Reine au balcon - the courage of the Queen of France faced by the devils of Paris

The French Revolution unleashed an army of blood-guzzling devils upon France and then upon the world.

It led to further revolutions including the Italian, Spanish, Russian, Nazi-German and many more revolutions. It was a disgusting display of the most appalling evil then seen and led to yet more disgusting and vile revolutions.

In the name of a totally false cry of "liberty, equality and fraternity" it killed liberty, equality and fraternity in the most foul murders imaginable.

Oceans of blood were spilled and only to introduce into the world a most evil ideology - ideology which has continued to poison the world ever since.

This ideology is that of hatred of God, of rightful authority, of justice, of charity, and of simple humanity.

If anyone be in any doubt about this, they need only read the history of the violence and bloodshed of this most grotesque flood-tide of venomous hatred.

From the very beginning, agitators persuaded the rebels to cut off heads and stick them on pikes

A few facts:

- the vast majority of those murdered were French peasants.

- the supposedly “democratic” revolution led straight to a totalitarian dictatorship under the Convention, the Directory, the Committee of Public Salvation, Maximilien Robespierre and then an imperial dictatorship under Napoleon Bonaparte. Some democracy! Pah.

- It was the people of the Vendee and of Brittany who opposed the Revolution by force of arms and, under their generals, they did so successfully. However, whenever the Revolution had a chance it would slaughter, maim, burn and torture every living thing: men, women, children, the elderly, livestock – everything! Then it would burn and lay waste. And this was against its own people!

- In Nantes the bestial Jean-Baptiste Carrier tied men and women together naked and drowned them in the Loire calling this “republican marriage”. He took boatloads of priests out into the Loire and deliberately sank them. He pitted brother against brother and child against parent. He said “never have I so much enjoyed it as to see the last grimaces of a dying priest”. He was barely human, a base brute of the worst kind.

- In the end, the Revolution was unsustainable: it destroyed the very people who made it. First the Girondins, then Hebert, then Georges Danton himself and finally Louis-Antoine de St Just and Robespierre. Truly did the odious St Just declaim that “the Revolution consists in the destruction of its enemies”. It was death and destruction for the sake of both.

And yet there are still stupid people today who actually pretend that the French Revolution was something good!


It was a cataclysmic outpouring of hatred and degradation. It was pure evil.

In stark contrast stands the nobility of those who suffered torture at the hands of the God-hating revolutionaries.

Here is how the young Queen Marie-Antoinette, aged 33, daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria-Theresa, conducted herself before the howling mob that invaded Versailles in October 1789 to force the King and Queen to leave Versailles and go to the run-down Tuileries Palace in Paris, an act calculated to destroy the authority of the Monarch:

This is authentic. The Queen, by her courage and dignity, silenced the baying, howling mob that had intended to kill her. But the agitators and rebels would soon enough imprison her, the King and their children. And that was but the beginning of their travails and sufferings.

The King and Queen were imprisoned during the terrible period of the September Massacres in 1792 when the devilish Parisian mob broke into the prisons and simply slaughtered everyone in sight without regard for age, sex or condition, brutally, callously, shamefully and in the most cowardly manner.

The first to die were some 24 innocent non-juring priests being transferred from one prison to another.

The satanic mob attacked and slaughtered the priests and then mutilated them obscenely, cutting off their privy parts and displaying them crudely placed at various points on – and in – the mutilated bodies.

Then they broke into the prisons and slaughtered all crying “death to the aristocrats, death to the priests”. Many prisoners were forced to drink the blood of the slaughtered as “revolutionary communion” in blasphemous mockery of Christian Holy Communion.

These living devils in human form then searched out, found and attacked the Queen’s best friend, Marie-Louise of Savoy, the Princesse de Lamballe. And what did these devils do to her?

They throttled and stabbed her, then one of these living devils cut out her beating heart and began to eat it raw and pumping blood.

Then they cut off her head and stuck it on a pike and thrust it at the window of the cell in which the Queen was imprisoned, to horrify her.

This was what those devils called "liberty, equality and fraternity"!

Yes, really!

Here is that appalling scene re-captured in all its horror but in film, the vile, devilish mob singing the odious "Carmagnole":

Those odious women are calling out "Hey autrichienne! Here's your friend the Princesse de Lamballe! How do you like her now?!"

And they deliberately pronounced "autrichienne" meaning "Austrian woman" as "autre chienne" meaning "you other bitch" or sometimes "autru chienne" meaning "you ostrich bitch". These devils truly lived in themselves the morals of the gutter.

Soon enough the mob and their "democratic" representatives and agitators demanded the death of the King and Queen.

Here is how the noble King Louis XVI, that simple and gentle man, met his accusers and their grotesquely unjust and treacherous sentence of death against the innocent King.

See how the odious rebels – Danton, Robespierre, Desmoulins, St Just and the disgusting Jean-Paul Marat – smirk at the simple words of the King.

The same Danton who helped himself liberally and corruptly to the goods and chattels of those whose lands and property he despoiled, has the effrontery to vote for the King’s death, as does the strikingly hypocritical Robespierre and the supposedly “reasonable” Camille Desmoulins - lying, odious scoundrels, all of them.

All, save Marat, will meet death in the same way, the ghastly Revolution devouring its own excrement.

Marat himself is murdered by Marie-Anne Charlotte de Corday d'Armont whose brother’s murder had been contrived by Marat.

The priest attending the King was an Irishman, the Abbé Henry Essex Edgeworth de Firmont, and, as the blade descended, this great Irishman, who had so faithfully served the King, called aloud “Fils de St Louis, monte au ciel!!”, that is:

“Son of St Louis, ascend to heaven!”

So died a noble king, one who faithfully followed the example of his Redeemer who also died an innocent, brutally murdered by the baying mob consisting of those who ought to have loved Him most.

Truly King Louis XVI embraced the Crown of Thorns and the Cross of Christ.

So, too, did his noble wife, Queen Marie-Antoinette.

See how, when she hears the guns announcing that the King has been executed, and her daughter runs to her bed crying, this noble Queen faithfully remembering her own little son, Charles, goes to him, embraces him and then bows low before him who is now the Most Christian King of France, His Sacred Majesty King Louis XVII, successor to Clovis, Hugh Capet and St Louis of France.

Truly this is a most touching and inspiring scene.

In so bowing to her new Sovereign, her own child, she bows to Christ the King through His earthly representative in France, and imitates the Blessed Virgin, Queen of Heaven, who, likewise, treated her own Holy Child as Son, King and God, demonstrating both the highest humility, the highest royal dignity and the highest maternal devotion and piety.

This is the truest and highest sanctity!

It is the sanctity shown by the Blessed Virgin herself and the reason why she, the Queen of Juda and Queen of Heaven, and Mother of God, who made herself the lowest, is now far above us all.

She will have ensured that her Son rewarded Queen Marie-Antoinette, of the House of Austria and Most Christian Queen of France, with a great diadem for her faithfulness and humility.

Not much later comes the trial and condemnation of that same noble Queen. This most innocent and horribly maligned Queen is accused before the fatuous and ridiculous revolutionary tribunal of the most horrible crimes such as sexually corrupting her own children.

Then she is condemned and, like her husband, goes courageously, nobly and valiantly to her death, another martyr to innocence, truth and true Christian charity.

She even apologised to the executioner for tripping on his foot.

This was the gentle nobility of Queen Marie-Antoinette of Austria, the Most Christian Queen of France.

What devilish, hate-filled savages could ever even begin to consider murdering an innocent woman, let alone one like her?

These royal saints gave, like many after them, a stirring and inspiring example of heroic martyrdom for the sake of Christ and the Holy Catholic religion.

Left behind was the child-king, Louis XVII, but he was imprisoned in a darkened cell by the vile revolutionaries and left in his own filth. He eventually died aged around 10, neglected or murdered by the vile beasts who claimed to act in the name of freedom, equality, fraternity and justice.

See how the odious Robespierre even persuades himself, in the face of the rising in the Vendee and Brittany, that he, who claimed to act in the name of the "people", now thinks that even the "people" are wrong. Only he can be right. Oh, odious hypocrite!

His murderous lieutenant, Louis-Antoine de St Just, born noble but living most ignobly, now calls for the Republic to require men to prove their innocence or face death, a complete reversal of true justice.

Danton even abandons the Revolution to live on his ill-gotten gains and is married by a non-juring, anti-revolutrionary priest. Later, like a dog returning to its vomit, he goes back to his revolutionary career of murder.

But they are all destined to die the same ignoble death that they planned for others, the Revolution devouring itself in a frenzy of devilish hatred.

Princess Marie-Therese of France, the King's eldest daughter, lived on in exile, with her other kin. She eventually married her cousin, the Duc d'Angouleme, who became, titularly, King Louis XIX.

She is buried in Nova Gorica in Slovenia, whence she was later exiled with her husband and her uncle, King Charles X, who reigned briefly again in France before another revolution. Both are buried beside her.

On her tomb are written in Latin the words from Tenebrae of Good Friday:

"O all ye who pass by, attend and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow"

So ends a fitting tribute to a deeply devout, royal family whom modern, atheist, Godless, republican France repudiates but whom God Himself has rewarded with an eternal crown, a crown that the atheist godless revolutionaries shall never see unless they repented of their foul deeds.

O Mary, Mother of Sorrows, pray for us!



Paddy said...

Thank you for this. So much of what happened during the French Revolution has been romanticized ... its horrors and the attendant human suffering are often air-brushed away ...

Animadversor said...

Perhaps you mean Jean-Baptiste Carrier?

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Are there any good books that discuss all of this?

Anonymous said...

godless corrupt immoral france is dying because of the millions of muhammedan heathens it has imported and sheltered. Good riddance Fwance.

Felix said...

Is there any proposal to canonise the king and queen?

Anonymous said...

Amazing how many of the most intense, most fanatical revolutionaries were products of rigorous, and expensive, Jesuit educations, especially in Classics.

Anonymous said...

Marat's father had been a Jesuit priest from Sardinia before visiting Geneva and converting to Calvinism; Marat was a union of a Genevan Calvinist mother and a Sardinian ex-Jesuit priest father.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thank you for this.
-Have you ever heard the story (which I read in Warren Carroll's short, popular history of the Revolution) that Danton was accompanied to the guillotine by a priest in disguise? He maintains, if I'm remembering correctly, that Danton had resolved, at the urgings of his devout bride, to undo some of the damage he had caused and to halt the Terror.
-Also, what is the name and year of issue of the film these clips came from? Thank you in advance,
Fr. Capreolus

Tribunus said...

These film clips come from the Alliance Entertainment Corporation, Alexandre Mnouchkine/Antoine de Clermont-Tonerre production of the Robert Enrico film "the French Revolution" with Jane Seymour and Klaus-Maria Brandauer. It has the usual ignorant and fatuous American voice-over but you can ignore that. I know of no proposals to canonise the King and Queen, although they really ought to be considered. Priest or no priest, Danton was a monster. But we can hope that he repented.

Mike Cliffson said...

Why o why did the nutjobs in quebec, whom I was bought up to revere as the backbone of Catholic Canada and much of North America, swallow the still extant Republican French superiority waffle and from about 1850 start to update their prerevolutionary language , laws and customs, good enough in the sight of God , but, not , evidently , of Paris.
The sorry state of the church in canada today might have been wrought by the devil anyway: looka t italy, at Spain. at Austria...
but one can't but feel if they'd have have bben less deracinated fewer of em d ve gone along so easily.

Anonymous said...

Sic semper tyrannis

PJMULVEY said...

The revolutionary spirit and Freemasonry are very linked especially the role of the Grand Orient lodge. Not only in France but also in Mexico which is about to elect another PRI President. The freemasons (PRI) in Mexico killed Catholic priests and tried to outlaw the Catholic faith in the 1920's. It is also the 'force' behind secular humanism which has decimated Christian culture over the past two centuries. Freemasonry has sworn to destroy Cross and Crown. It 'appears' to be winning.....and are still a powerful force in the world....but we know how the story will end.

Anonymous said...

It is true that the French Revolution's cries for "Liberty" and "Fraternity" were false, and only realized in false ways (Liberty perverted to licentiousness and Fraternity to Collectivism). However, I believe the dream of Equality was realised, to the detriment of the whole world. Equality is wicked and unnatural.

Tribunus said...

Yes, well said.

In one sense equality is good i.e. where equal measures are due or where equity requires equality or equality of arms are indicated.

But there is a bad sense to equality. Absolute equality is thoroughly evil and dissolves the bonds of society as surely as any evil and more rapidly than some.

That is because hierarchy is necessary for society and here's the reason: if everyone is exactly equal, in every way, all of the time, then to whom do we appeal when injustice is done, we all being equal and no-one else therefore having the power to judge others because that would be unequal?

If X may judge Y then X and Y are not absolutely equal. Therefore there can be no judges.

If there are no judges then there is no-one to appeal to for justice and thus no justice.

In which case, there is no redress of wrongs, of disputes or trial of criminals.

Everyone being exactly equal, the only way that matters can be resolved is by majority vote i.e. he who has the biggest numbers wins.

Quite apart from the fact that votes can be bought or intimidated - and thus the real winners are the rich and strong - majority votes have often been wrong.

Justice does not become justice merely because more people say so than don't. For example, murder does not become right simply because a majority vote in favour of it.

Thus absolute equality destroys fair and just equality and, in the end, destroys even itself. It is a Satanic creed.

The Nazis came to power by majority vote and a majority of Reichstag deputies voted for the Nuremberg laws but no-one save a fool thinks this was therefore morally right.

The end result was the opposite of equality and the destruction of Europe by fire and war.

The truth is, as Gilbert and Sullivan so succinctly put it, "when everybody's somebody then no-one's anybody".

In short, absolute equality means nothing more than anarchy, chaos and mayhem with the rich and powerful preying upon the weak and marginalised in utter tyranny.

It is the ultimate political evil.