Friday 27 January 2012

Fr Jay Scott Newman rejects natural justice, hearing the other side and fair play

Well, I guess that proves it, folks. Whatever Fr Jay Scott Newman may be, he is not a believer in natural justice, hearing both sides or fair play.

And he simply will not recognise his own failure of charity and justice toward those who have a preference for the traditional Roman rite.

He shot his mouth off before the motu proprio of Pope Benedict XVI, Summorum Pontificum, came out claiming that it was "invisible" and predicting it would not come and then engaged in the usual cheap and insulting offensive against lovers of the traditional Roman rites that we have had to put up with for 40 years from people who ought to know better.

That was already unworthy.

But next, he would tolerate no attempt to put the alternative view. He simply censored out any comment critical of his position by blanking it from his blog or website.

Father Newman recently apologised for his comments that those voting for President Obama should repent before taking communion. But, folks, you can be sure he won't be apologising any time soon for his offensive comments against lovers of the traditional Roman rites.

Well, Father, you can fool your readers but you cannot fool God.



Jay Scott Newman said...

You are a coward, sir, and I pity you.

I do not publish anonymous comments -- as my blog notice makes clear -- and you offer only anonymous comments. Hence, I shall not publish your remarks on my blog.

Then you assault my character, and I offer a rational defense. And your response? Pretend that you did not see my reply and double down on your anonymous attack.

Tell me. Do you live in your mother's basement?

Supertradmum said...

I never understand priests who are against the EF. Sadly, I always think there is a hidden problem if a priest cannot love the Mass for the ages. All I can say, is God bless him.

Supertradmum said...

Any priest who has a problem with the Traditional Mass has problems elsewhere with the Church, although not obvious. Why should anyone hate the TLM so much? Such a reaction is not rational.

Janice Kraus said...

Why do you give this man any attention at all? He's not worth your time.

Tribunus said...

Some ninny tried to post to the Blog saying (I'm paraphrasing) that he'd known Fr Newman for 20 years, always received logical, well founded answers, that he'd been a conservative Catholic for 40 years and believes that Fr Newman is on a mission from God to better our world (like Superman, perhaps?)

He thinks the public prayer of the Church is a "minor point" of religious practice and thinks I should debate with Fr Newman who will "set me straight".

He signs himself - of course - "anonymous".

Well, Mr Anonymouse, I HAVE debated Fr Newman.

And he lost.

Then he sulked and became petulant.

Because he had lost.

And because he had disparaged the idea of the motu proprio ever arriving - and was proved wholly wrong by its arrival only 2 months after making his fatuous comment.

Learn something new, Mr Anonymouse.

God is not interested in "conservative" Catholics (still less Neo-Cons).

He wants TRADITIONAL Catholics who preserve the WHOLE of the CHURCH'S TRADITIONS.

And Fr Newman does not (yet) do that.

He is also a bad loser.

He needs to learn a bit more graciousness and humility in defeat.

He also needs to learn a bit more about the Sacred Liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church.