Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mary Elizabeth muddles history and cannot distinguish truth from drivel...

Poor Mary Elizabeth!

She replies to my missive to the Sieur de Brantigny and thinks she knows history but...

She thinks that the feudal vassal status of the Duke of Normandy undermines the later claim of King Henry V of England, established at the Treaty of Troyes of 1420 when he was made regent and heir of France.

The Dukes of Normandy, particularly William I, were somewhat nominal vassals. She overlooks this, too.

But she thinks William a "batarde" in name and in nature. She offers no proof.

But she offers plenty of prejudice and declares "who cares?" - even tho' she plainly cares enough to whinge and complain to me about it.

Then she reveals herself as a typical modern hypocrite extolling the so-called "Glorious Revolution", chiefly glorious for imposing the most savagely oppressive and brutal penal code and suppression of religious freedom ever seen in once Christian Europe.

Wonderful pharisaism, Mary Elizabeth!

Next she extols the French Revolution. Yes - that revolution that drowned the people of France, particularly and above all the peasants and ordinary humble people, in an ocean of innocent blood, savagely, brutally, mindlessly, relentlessly, grinding out death like a satanic factory of slaughter - men, women, children, the old, the sick and hundreds of thousands of innocents.

Wonderful pharisaism, Mary Elizabeth!

And, of course, she lastly extols the Easter Rising of 1916, that uprising that was loudly booed and reviled by the people of Dublin whose sons were in Belgium and France fighting the First World War in the trenches. This was the Easter Rising that led to the Irish civil war in which Irishman slaughtered Irishman for the sake of a worthless ideal that has finally left Ireland with a collection of unimpressive twerps of politicians like Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowan and saddled the people with 46 billion euros of debt.

Wonderful pharisaism, Mary Elizabeth!

And - most laughable of all - she calls these shameless disasters...wait for it..."expressions of the will of the peoples of the countries involved - with whom God is surely as concerned as with their...rulers."

Yes, folks.


Well, you could not make it up, could you?

Mary Elizabeth thinks that God and the people love a massive blood bath of innocent life, the abandonment of religion and humanity and the destruction of the country's economy and wealth.

Wonderful pharisaism, Mary Elizabeth!

Perhaps she thinks Moloch is God?

Clearly whatever satanic "god" she believes in is odious and depraved.

Sadly, folks, this is what modern education has done for some people. They have been so brain-washed that they can no longer distinguish truth from drivel.

Please pray for poor Mary Elizabeth!



Mike Cliffson said...

Have you ever managed, other than in print as here, to say that the rest of UK(aka etc) the poorer without Eire(aka etc)and viceversa, Catholicism only the most obviously, but the whole setup aka these islands aka etc has been therebye the less blessed, WITHOUT getting your head chewed off ?

Tribunus said...

Dear Mike,

Let me answer in your own language.

Have you ever aka managed to goooble gobble aka etc and chew of the dibble dabble and vice versa, where by Catholicism is the aka etc of the poodle wobble?

I wonder if you would be so kind as to translate your message into English for the rest of us, if that is not too much trouble?

Mike Cliffson said...

Beg Pardon! I'd got involved in a thread wherein the exact names for every component of the British Isles were endlessy chewed over.
Point : I regret that the kindom does not contain Ireland, for a great many reasons, and you seem to be among the very few whose thinking runs along similar lines, but saying so in any company seems to produce shouting. I understand and feel the temptation to irredentionism myself, and these days seldom say much.
I do stick my neck out on a regular basis defending the Roman nature of St Patrick's mission: I met the "celtic versus Roman chuch" twaddle at school, and even the encyclopedia that graces my shelves
repeats it. Hence I liked, but was not surprised by, your post on Bonnie Prince Charlie.

solerso said...

Tribunus what I think Mike Clifton was trying to say is that most brits, being apostate closeted sodomites,are reflexively hostile to Catholicism.That your screeds would preclude you from human company in most of that realm if your identity were made public, and that most Catholics were driven from the island centuries ago, to America where the Church keeps all its money invested in hedge funds, real estate and gold bullion unto this day!

Anonymous said...

What! Bertie Ahern a gombin man?!?!??!?
I'm shocked-shocked!

Tribunus said...

Yes, a Gombeen!

Truly shocking, ain't it?

And how is Rosemary's baby (as they used to call Nixon), by the way?

Tribunus said...


You think so?

Perhaps you're right. America and Ireland are such fine examples of Catholicism, aren't they?

Err...that's it...[ed].

Tribunus said...

Dear Mike,

I entirely agree with you!

And so should every Jacobite be a Roman, not some irredentist Celtic nationalist.

Nationalism is an odious creed invented by Protestant revolutionaries.

Look at how irredentism has ruined Ireland.

It ought to be an objective lesson to any rational person.