Friday 2 April 2010

The supposed tolerance of anti-Catholics

Judging by two or three recent mails from some crazed anti-Catholics, the spirit of intolerance toward Catholicism is as strong as ever among that minority whose spite and hatred is what chiefly motivates them.

One chap from Mexico who says he hates Catholics agrees that his country is in a bad way and has been for a very long time, detests his government and previous governments but then considers it naive to look back to the Emperor Maximilian because, says he, it is unfair for a foreigner to rule a country which he was not born in.

And this self-confessed hater of his own country thinks it is naive for someone not born in his country to be its ruler.

See the self-contradiction?

He hates his own country but he wants only people like himself - who hate their own country - to rule it.

Why shouldn't someone from outside a country be invited to rule it? If the people want that then why not?

Isn't it just the most naked and narrow racism to think that only one's own country and people matter and that no-one else should have anything to do with them?

But, hey, folks! Welcome to the funny farm that is your average, modern, anti-Christian nihilist.

And is it any wonder that Mexico is in the state that it is in, if people like this geezer are its citizens?

Poor Mexico!

Some other half-wit thinks it is clever to ask "why the silence on clerical sex abuse". And of course he/she/it signs itself "anonymous"! It obviously hasn't been reading my posts if it thinks I am silent on the subject!

But then it obviously hasn't been reading much at all if it thinks that only the Catholic Church has abusers in its ranks.

Protestants have an even bigger problem with abuse and secularists have a bigger problem still. But - hey- Mr Anonymous isn't interested in anything so boring as the truth.

Some other nihilist called "Samantha" is so unable to articulate a sentence that all she/he can do is shout obscenities, effing and blinding without any coherence.

Welcome to the semi-literate world of the modern nihilist, folks. It is really is truly pathetic.

And the poor wretches do not realise that their inanity proves them all the more wrong and the Catholic Church all the more right.


TH2 said...

Good post. I received comparable-like comments on my blog just the other day. The anti-Catholicism really heats up during Holy Week.

Anita Moore said...

Protestants have an even bigger problem with abuse and secularists have a bigger problem still.

Ain't that the truth. I wanted to post a survey on my blog of all the public schoolteacher sex abuse news items in the United States during this calendar year, and found I didn't even have time or space to catalog all the ones for just the month of March.

And the ones that have made the news can only be the tip of the iceberg. But the enemies of the Catholic Church will continue to strain at gnats while swallowing camels.

Tribunus said...

Quite right!