Thursday 17 December 2009

Further sources on the relativity scam...

I have been asked to provide some further sources on the relativity scam and to put my posts into .pdf form.

I tried the latter and failed so if anyone can give me a clue how to do it, I'd be grateful.

As to further sources, I suggest the following:

1. Dingle, Prof Herbert. Science at the Crossroads. London, 1972.
2. Anything by Pierre Duhem, the great French historian of science.
3. Anything by Christoph von Mettenheim, especially on Einstein.
4. For the technical, try Tom van Flandern's 1998 article in Physics Letters A which can be accessed here:

That should give you something to think about for a while!

There is a very useful book, in simple form, which summarises many of the modern scientific falsehoods which I cannot now find. If I find it I shall post it to the blog.


Flambeaux said...

Thank you, sir. And may the remainder of your Advent be fruitful.

Anonymous said...

Word 2007:

1. Put your information into a Word document.

2. Click "Save As -> PDF"

3. Post the file on a free file hosting & sharing site, such as, and post the link to the file on your blog.

If you don't have Word 2007, download the free PDF print driver PrimoPDF, and then print your document using PrimoPDF. Follow the other steps above.

Tribunus said...

Thank you!