Saturday, 28 March 2009

This is Daniel Hannan MEP, the 37-year-old Conservative European Member of Parliament for South East England.

His parents were one an Ulster Catholic and the other a Presbyterian.

And below is the now famous clip on Youtube that went like a shot that rang around the world.

This was his opportunity to speak upon behalf of so many in the country who are disgusted with the way we have been governed under this government - hence the amazing popularity of this clip which received a record number of hits in its first 24 hours on Youtube.

Hannan is fast becoming the voice of those Tories - and indeed of the people generally - who are tired of the failure to get stuck into this devalued government which - inexplicably - the Front Benchers do not seem able to muster the stomach to undertake.

Hannan is now a familiar figure at the European Parliament where he frequently calls time on the corruption, waste, arrogance and total disregard for democracy and the views and welfare of the citizen.

Here he is telling the untold story of the ballooning corruption within the EU and in this case the European Investment Bank and what he is open enough to call the European Racket.

Here's another clip of him describing what is really going on at Brussels:

Here he calls time on the EU leadership that will not give the people a vote and which is determined to go ahead with the Lisbon Treaty despite the NO vote in France, Holland and Ireland.

He now ends every speech with the resounding Latin phrase:

Pactio Olisipiensis censenda est

which means "The Lisbon Treaty must be given a vote". This is a reflection of the famous words with which Cato the Elder ended every speech he made in the Roman Senate calling upon the people and Senate of Rome to recognise the danger of Carthage to the Roman state and the need to destroy it before it destroyed Rome. He ended his speeches with the words:

Carthago delenda est

which means "Carthage is to be destroyed".

Here is Hannan again exposing the arrogance of the EU leadership ignoring the Irish NO vote and sweeping aside democracy:

The EU leadership pretended to fend off any alleged filibustering - which was allowed under its rules - by the simple expedient of disobeying its own rules.

Hannan objected to this blatantly illegal flouting of its own rules and the chair tried to silence him. When he later likened this open flouting of the rules to the Ermaetigungsgesetz (Enabling Act) of 1933 in Germany - when the Nazis got the Reichstag to agree to give sweeping powers to their new government - Hannan was threatened and then expelled from the EPP (the European People's Party).

Not that it mattered, the Conservative Party has since left the EPP en bloc in protest at its supine policy of giving in on every European issue.

And here is the moment when they tried to crush him. This is taken from a UKIP video clip which uses the X-files theme music but changed to the "E-files" aimed at exposing corruption in the EU:

Make up your own mind about this foreign body which increasingly claims the right to centralise power, to dictate to us, to take away our sovereignty and to treat us like children incapable of electing our own representatives and - more importantly - to impose secularism upon us and upon a once Christian continent.


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