Wednesday 5 November 2008

As the sun dawns over America and people are waking up...nothing changes at all.

The trouble with voting in America is that whomever you vote for, it's always more of the same.

The financial, media and political moguls would not allow anything else.

That's democracy, American-style, folks. Get used to it!

But it's probably just as well in the case of Barack Hussein Obama.

The National Right to Life Association gives Obama a perfect zero rating, because he has voted anti-life at every opportunity, including voting against banning partial birth abortion in which a child is stabbed in the back of the neck as it is being born, and its brains are sucked out of its skull (yes, folks, he’s not against this practice - nor is he concerned that there are more aborted black babies than any other!).

So - as Aelfheah rightly points out (in the comment box) - this is the one area where there will be likely change - and for the worse. The rights of unborn black babies will be particularly at risk under this Presidency!

His election may be a shot of confidence for born black Americans but it will be a back-handed one when it becomes clear that he is a flaky, politically correct, mouther of worthless slogans brought up in the school of crazies like Saul David Alinsky.

“Change you can believe in” means “no change at all” and just more of the same old secularising, materialistic stuff that keeps the immensely rich secular humanists of America happy.

That is the irony of secular radicalism: it talks big about change and achieves nothing at all but more of the same.

It is, however, strange to listen to the 44th President of the USA telling the nation that he wants to support all the things that the country's founders set out to achieve, since one of those things was black slavery.

Other things included anti-Catholic bigotry, narrow-minded liberal Protestantism, unrestrained financial cheating and chicanery to dispossess the poor which is called "Capitalism" and an aggressive foreign policy designed to turn nearby countries into slaves of America or financial and political basket-cases.

Anyone who thinks that Barack Hussein Obama is not going to do exactly the same, simply because of his name and race, had better think again.

Hey, man, this is AMERICA, the home of the "rave" and the land of "I love me!" (with apologies to Francis Scott Key and to those Americans whose vision for their country extends a bit wider than simply more money, more sex and more power).

And then there's Joe Biden, Vice-President elect and allegedly a "Catholic". Pah!

And you thought I was Catholic? Too bad, sucker...

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose...



umblepie said...

Just want to congratulate you on a superb blog-site. Factual,informative, interesting and Catholic. What more can we ask for. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tribunus,

I have been reading your blog for the past couple of weeks since is found it. I have teared through your great and edifying posts. Very rarely does one ever get to see someone these day speak so much sense from a religious point of reference.

Anyway, I am a 24 yr old Californian watching my country fall for the cult of Obama's personality and it is very disturbing. This is in fact something one would never expect Americans too fall for. It is a disgrace.

Anyway, my family is of Greek stock and members of the 'Orthodox' faith. In the frenzy that is Western, and especially American, politics these days I find that the Western Church is a force to be reckoned with. Especially on an issue that has been destroying the fabric of our entire civilization, birth control.

The 'Orthodox' stance on matrimony does not make any sense to me, and I just found out that the 'Ecumenical Patriarch' is a radical environmentalist.

This, however, is not why I have begun to have distain for the communion. In reading my history, I found that I have been taught lies about the Catholic Church, both from protestants and secularists, as well the bigoted Greeks. I am wondering if you know anything about this subject, and if so, your position on it.

Ælfheah said...

Mr. T.,

If, as you say, nothing in America ever changes, you might like to explain why it was that before 1973abortion in America was illegal and afterwards was legal.

I would suggest that this came about as a result of change.

I would also suggest that there are plenty more changes where that came from.

Tribunus said...

Yes, fair point, Aelfheah.

It will surely change - and for the worse - in that department!


Omo said...

Well..... the points are good