Tuesday 11 December 2007

Well, that was a surprise, eh?

Not much response to my post on Ireland. Not surprising, I suppose. It will come as news to some.

Yes, it's true. Sinn Fein/IRA are not, repeat not, a Catholic organisation, nor even an organisation for Catholics.

But consider, now. Did you really ever think that a gang of terrorist murderers could be?


Well, then.

And yet there are still many out there who put money in the tin when it is passed round. And in Boston, until recently, the collectors even said things like "put in ten dollars and kill a British soldier".

Whatever happened to turning the other cheek, to forgiveness, to brotherliness, to meekness, and above all to love? Yes, my friends, where is Holy Charity in all this?

It all became shrivelled up in hatred, violence and a thirst for vengeance. How horrifying that once Christian men should fall into such vileness and infamy.

Could anyone really think that this has anything to do with Catholicism or Christianity? No, of course not.

We ought openly to admit that it comes straight from the very belly of hellfire.

The real leader of the IRA



elena maria vidal said...

Great posts on Ireland! I have enjoyed them all!

Tribunus said...


Spare a prayer for the Emerald Isle.

Ttony said...

You have an unerring manner of saying everything that needs to be said about a subject, such that any comment apart from "Coo!" or "Well said" is unnecessary.

Somewhere in the Peter Wimsey canon, Bunter gets Lord Peter not to tie his (black) tie quite so well so that nobody will think that it is an elasticated modern one: perhaps you ought to post a bit more imperfectly!

Tribunus said...

Yes, you're probably right!

Bunter! Where's my tie??