Monday 3 September 2007

I love real nuns...

Real nuns have a unique charm and dignity about them which, at its best, is truly delightful and wonderfully feminine.

Ladies, if you want to be really feminine then try being a real, old-fashioned, traditional nun.

Accept no inferior substitutes!

Nowadays we hear so much utter nonsense talked about old-fashioned and traditional nuns. I have met hundreds of them and they were always a delight - charming, gifted, polite, often highly intelligent, learned even, compassionate, and always dignified and attractive. Even when nature did not bless them with conventional good looks, their deportment and manners coupled with their wimples and habits give them the beauty and character of little princesses.

But at the same time they are so often tough and resilient, able to tend to the most trying and difficult situations (in varying degrees, of course!) and are able to turn from entertaining a Duchess to fishing orphaned babies out of rubbish bins.

Other religions look on with envy and secularists positively fume that they cannot produce anything so impressive. So they turn to abuse, mocking, lies and calumny to try to bring these amazing women down to their own inferior level.

But to no avail. We shall have dignified nuns until the end of time, rage Satan and his minions never so much.

Even if, like Sister Luke in the film The Nun's Story (played by Audrey Hepburn), a sister leaves the convent there are still plenty to fill her place. Sister Luke left to fight the Nazis but today there are plenty who run away for less noble reasons but these are not really traditional nuns. They are the other kind of sister - the fakes.

I do not speak of them. They are the foolish virgins of Scripture and, oh my golly, are there not a lot of them these days! Sorry, Sister Serendipita - or whatever your name is - God loves you but you are not the kind of nun I am talking about. I'm talking about the real ones!

And, ladies, it's the real ones who really appeal to people, even to those of no faith. Men prefer them, too. I often ask myself why that is and I have come to the conclusion that it is because, in striving to be holy, they also become immensely feminine and modest and thus attractive to men - but attractive in the right way, the sort of way that women want to be attractive to men i.e. as their true selves.

Which brings me to another point: if modern women realised how attractive modesty makes them to men, some of them might ditch all this "me first" Feminist drivel.

Which is why real nuns are so important today. They show women how to be women and - ironically - though they themselves are already betrothed to Christ, their true husband, they nevertheless show other women how to be feminine and thus how to attract a good husband of their own. Which is a big problem these days - lots of girls want good husbands and can't find them.

Well, girls, go to a traditional convent for a while and learn from the good sisters. You'll soon have a good husband in no time!

Believe me. I'm a man. At least I know a little bit about this one!

Equally, I think that the real vocations crisis today is not that of priests but rather of women - women religious and women as wives and mothers. Secular Feminism has created that problem. It has made women unfeminine and more like men. Few man want to marry a woman who is like a man!

For those who would like to visit a convent of real nuns - and really delightful ones, too - visit the Benedictine sisters of the Abbey of St Cecilia's at Ryde on the Isle of Wight. They are a delight. And they sing like angels.

See their website here:

Long live real nuns. We need them more than ever today!



Anonymous said...

Hmm, this troubles me and I am a woman. I have seen she men in great marriages with he women and all combinations. Most of my friends who have good marriages all experience the same thing. They spend the first fews years in love with a make believe image of the other and then are forced to face the reality that their spouses were not what they thought they were. At this point quite a few break up and seek another false image. Those that persevere are the ones that are willing to accept and love the other, warts and all. In doing so they find a greater love that was hidden. So if you ever do find your ideal, please be assured she will disappoint to the same measure and in the same qualities that you exault her. The real issue is what are you prepared to do in the face of this. Will you to love anyway?

Lovely blog BTW. Great addition to the blogosphere, look forward to your posts. Congrats.

Tribunus said...

Thanks Benfan!

Don't worry - I have been married for over 20 years!

Maybe your "he-women" are more feminine than you give them credit for.

Likewise the "she-men" more masculine than you might, at first, think.

But I agree that good marriages come in all sizes and shapes and types.

It's also true that you are attracted by the good things and learn about the bad things later and you have to learn to accept both.

And I entirely agree that being feminine doesn't mean following some false image.

Quite the contrary!

Hence my preference for real nuns. They have shed all the false images and opted for the real. I think Feminists tend to do the opposite and live in a world of fantasy.

This has become very prevalent and a lot of girls are even now taught to think they can "have it all" - designer jobs, designer clothes, designer boyfriends, designer husbands and designer children.

Pretty soon they have designer divorces!

Anonymous said...

Audrey Hepburn was not a real nun. The real nun she portrayed in the movie left the convent, became a lesbian and committed suicide I think.

Tribunus said...

Oh come. You don't really think that anyone thought Audrey Hepburn was a real nun, do you?

Read my post more carefully and you'll see that I refer to her playing the part in "The Nun's Story".

And I think you are mixing up the nun she played with another nun.

But even if you were right, how does that alter one jot of what I wrote in my post? Indeed, it strengthens my case. She should have stayed in the convent!

And hey! Lighten up a little! Life's not so bad. You don't need to drag everything into the mire. As Oscar Wilde memorably said, just because you are in the gutter doesn't mean you can't look up and see the stars.

Try it sometime!