Saturday, 20 September 2014

Message to Scottish Nationalists: The Jacobites were NOT Scottish Nationalist Socialists...

Here is the map of Scotland showing how the Scottish independence vote went - red for "No" and green for "Yes"...

I think the noes have it!

In fact, the only part of Scotland that voted yes were the cities of the worst turn-out to vote, Glasgow and Dundee.

These, coincidentally, are the parts of Scotland where one hears the most whining and whingeing and racist nonsense about the English and the most feckless twaddle spewed forth about the benefits of Socialism.

Thank goodness, not all Glasweigans and Dundonians are like that. They are let down by those who are but now it's time to call time on the bigotry, hatred and narrow-minded nationalism.

And above all to learn the basic lesson...

The Jacobites were NOT, REPEAT NOT, Scottish Nationalist Socialists!

National Socialism was tried in Germany and failed dismally as a blinkered, totalitarian, racist, violent and murderous creed.

Any sensible person should reject that kind of creed.

The Jacobites, by contrast, were the supporters of King James Stewart as king of all the Three Kingdoms of Scotland, England and Ireland and they were Crown Unionists, not whining, whingeing Nationalist Socialist Republicans, looking only for perpetual hand-outs from a centralised Socialist state.

The Jacobite programme was as follows:
  • Loyalty to the legitimate Monarch and Constitution.
  • A free people in a free state under a Stewart Monarch and the ancient Constitution of these islands.
  • Devolved parliaments under one Crown.
  • Parliaments of King, Lords and Commons or King, Barons and Lairds.
  • Christianity, the religion of the state but toleration for minority religions following the Declarations of Indulgence of King James (Stewart) II and VII of England, Scotland and Ireland.
  • Christian Social teaching to inform the laws of the state, protecting all the people, rich and poor, of whatever estate, race, creed or colour, in justice.
  • The protection of religion and public morals and both the material and spiritual welfare of the people, including the economy, trade, education, justice, employment, relief of the poor and an adequate defence force.
The Bonnie Prince was a Crown Unionist as is clear from his programme.

He always wore the Garter Star because he was not a narrow nationalist but a defender of our ancient Constitution.

See below the entry of His Royal Highness Prince Charles Edward Stewart wearing Highland dress and the Garter Star, flanked by Cameron of Lochiel and MacDonald of Clanranald:

Aymez loyauté!

...and a white rose for the Royal Stewarts...

Alba gu bràth!


Anagnostis said...

Oh, the "narrow minded nationalists" were much in evidence in Glasgow on Friday - burning saltires, threatening asian shopkeepers, giving Nazi salutes and singing Rule Britannia. I never heard a single Yes supporter invoking Bonnie Prince Charlie or Jacobitism.

Whoever you are, you've understood nothing about has happened. I'm sure you think the question is closed, too. You're in for a shock.

Tribunus said...

You clearly went to a different Referendum in another country. Canada, perhaps?

Yes, the narrow-minded nationalists were much in evidence in Glasgow on Friday - including many "Yes" voters on the rampage, threatening violence some fatuously and dishonestly claiming a Jacobite heritage.

But whoever you are, you clearly haven't yet understood what happened.

It's quite simple.

You lost.


To threaten "shock" for those who voted "No" is bigoted and anti-democratic.

Scotland rejected the narrow-minded, racist, National Socialism of the "Yes" campaign, hi-jacked by some wearing kilts, blue bonnets and white cockades - and traducing the Jacobite symbols.

But you clearly only saw what you wanted to see.

Time to go back to the South of England from where you came...

Tribunus said...

Anagnostis predictably came back with a lot of venom and abuse and no evidence, save his own personal experience from the English sea-side town of Hastings.

How's this for a fatuous gem: "I'm interested to learn the extent to which you imagine these Ruritanian comic-opera dynastic buffooneries was a significant influence".

So - here's a guy who claims to be an Eastern Orthodox Christian but thinks that monarchy and ceremony are "comic-opera dynastic buffooneries".

Yeah, right.

No doubt you say this every time you attend the Orthodox liturgy with its elaborate ceremonies?

I don't think I need say more.

You lampoon yourself.

See you in Edinburgh or Glasgow next time you're up this way, Sassanach!

Anagnostis said...

It's pretty clear from this which of us has "lampooned himself". Pre-moderation is always an indication of cowardice,
but you're liar and a slanderer to boot.

I wish I could say I was surprised.

Pax tecum.

Tribunus said...

Well, folks, I think this pretty decisively proves my point.

Spewing venom and abuse whilst uttering a "pax tecum" (which means "peace be with you")?

Hypocrisy, thy visage is ever black...

Well, looking on the bright side, being at the bottom of the barrel means, I suppose, that you can only go up from here.

With luck you might arrive at something approximating to Christianity one day.

Happy climbing.