Wednesday, 25 February 2009

To the anonymous Neanderthal who tried to write to this blog...

Dear anonymous Neanderthal who attempted to write to this blog,

If you wish to be published on anyone's blog then you will need to:

(a) use arguments rather than mere foaming at the snout;

(b) string more than 2 words together so as to make a coherent sentence rather than than the noise made by a demented hyena on heat stuck in a hole;

(c) recognise that the use of Anglo-Saxon expletives does not enhance an already worthless opinion.

In between all the effing and blinding, you seem (I use the word advisedly) to be suggesting that man is an animal but that he has a soul and that the soul has no connection with the body. Presumably this is so that man can then do what he likes with his body without affecting his soul?

I am, of course, generously assuming that your rant means anything at all.

One thing is certain. Some human beings, having free will and using it badly, can end up being much worse than animals.

It's the flip side of being higher than the animals. Get used to it, neddy!


Fred Preuss said...

In a related story, Ingrid Newkirk has vowed not to wash her clothes, claiming that laundry wastes water and detergent pollutes the environment. "Chicken waste and dog hair are natural products. They can't hurt you."
check it out.
You can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Your "put downs" have far to much literary beauty to be effective!

Ma Tucker