Sunday, 12 August 2018

British Socialist hypocrites praise fellow Marxist hypocrite Hugo Chavez and Venezuela...errr, and then backtrack as fast as they can!

Watch British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and other prominent British Socialists, like Diane Abbott and Owen Jones, praising Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro...

…before the total collapse of the Venezuelan economy as a result of Socialism!

And note the news media report that Chavez was so enriched by his criminal revolution, supposedly for the poor, that Chavez's daughter is now the richest woman in Venezuela and worth $US4.2 billion!

It pays to be a Socialist if you are the leader!

What total, complete and utter hypocrisy!

So how do these hypocrites react to the complete collapse of the Venezuelan economy under Socialism?

Do they still praise Venezuela to the skies, as we saw? Oh, no, of course not....not any more...!

And the Labour Party Front Bench Treasury spokesman, Marxist John McDonnell, having praised Chavez to the skies now thinks that Venezuela maybe isn't so great after all...

Oh, right! So now Venezuelan Socialism wasn't real wasn't a Socialist country, after all.

Funny how Socialism isn't Socialism when it doesn't work!

Labour's John McDonnell in secret admits he's a Marxist at a private meeting...

...but in the public media he pretends that he is NOT a answer to the question "are you a Marxist?", he says "no"...

...John McDonnell, like most Socialists, is a LIAR!

Daniel Hannan MEP tells the truth and describes the reality regarding Socialism...


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