Wednesday, 28 February 2018

SWEDEN is broken: it has a Feminist government the rape capital of the Western world

The supreme model country for the Left Wing, politically correct, world elite is, and always has been, SWEDEN...

...but Sweden is now a basket case and will soon be no more.

And it's government consists mostly of Left Wing, Green and/or Feminist women.

And yet has the highest level of rape in the Western world.


If you want to remove proper protection for women and increase rape and violence against women....elect a Feminist government!

It is the paradigm failed modern state, committing national suicide. It will soon be dead and another culture will take it over.

Sweden = dead.

Sad but true.

Goodbye, Sweden!

I'd like to say it was nice knowing you wasn't. You idiots hate yourselves? Don't worry: there will soon be nothing left to hate. You're finished. Done. Gone.

Now...who's next for the suicide exit?

Germany? Switzerland? The Netherlands?

Well, we shall see...

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