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Remembering Archbishop Luigi Padovese, former Vicar Apostolic in Turkey, martyred by a Muslim fanatic...

In memoriam Archbishop Luigi Padovese...

Archbishop Luigi Padovese, Vicar Apostolic of Turkey, murdered by a Muslim fanatic

In 2010, Archbishop Luigi Padovese had his head cut off by a Muslim Fundamentalist fanatic yelling the Takbir - Allahu Akbar.

The Archbishop was stabbed in the chest 8 times and ran off, trying to save his life, but he was again seized and his head cut off by the murderer, left only hanging on one side by a piece of flesh.

It is typical of the hypocrisy of many Western media that in articles about the incident they do not mention that the Archbishop’s head was cut off.
Muslim authorities, aided and abetted by self-denying Western journalists, try to claim that the man who killed Archbishop Padovese was insane, but this is false because doctors certified that he was not.

Archbishop Luigi Padovese (b. Milan 31 March 1947-d. Iskenderun 3 June 2010) was the titular Bishop of Monteverde and the Vicar Apostolic of Anatolia in Turkey.

Archbishop Padovese made his simple vows in the Capuchin Order of Friars Minor on 4 October 1965 and his solemn vows on 4 October 1968.
He was ordained a priest on 16 June 1973. He studied at the Pontifical University Antonianum and Pontifical Gregorian University. He had been a Professor of Patristics at the Pontifical University Antonianum, and for sixteen years he directed the Spirituality Institute at the same university. He also held chairs at the Pontifical Gregorian University and Pontifical Alphonsian Academy and had taught at various seminaries.
He was appointed Apostolic Vicar of Anatolia on 11 October 2004 and consecrated a bishop on 7 November 2004. He had also been the President of Caritas Turkey.
Archbishop Padovese was fatally stabbed in his summer residence in southern Turkey on 3 June 2010 and some reports claimed that he died en route to a hospital in the town of Iskenderun later that day.
Witnesses claim that the perpetrator shouted the takbir (Allahu Akbar, "God is great") during the assault, then severed the Archbishop's head with a knife.
Murat Altun, the Archbishop's driver for the previous 4 1/2 years was detained by Turkish police. The suspect stated that he killed Archbishop Padovese on a wahy (revelation), which identified him as Dajjal (the deceiving false prophet predicted in the Hadith) and recited the adhan loudly during his initial trial.
Murderer, Murat Altun, the slayer of Archbishop Luigi Padovese was found mentally fit to stand trial and sentenced to 15 years, to serve 10 years. The caption reads: "Archbishop killer[says]: 'I killed because of a revelation to kill...'"
On 22 January 2013, Murat Altun was sentenced by an İskenderun court to 15 years imprisonment. He was found mentally fit to stand trial and not insane.
Murat Altun's lawyer later stated that his client can only be kept in prison for 10 years according to new Turkish law. He also drew attention to the point that his client, having already served 4 years in prison, will when "the judicial holiday [that] is on-going in Turkey (2014 summer)" finishes, "be transferred to a half-open prison , and he will continue his life in a half free manner".
Since, around this time, the Turkish Ambassador to Austria, Ecvet Tezcan, was berating the Austrian Home Secretary for "intervening in the integration process" whereby Turks are seeking integration into Austrian society, claiming that "Turks were treated like a virus and blamed the Austrians for all the problems surrounding the non-integration of Turks into Austrian society.

The history of Austro-Turkish relations has been a long one in which the Muslim Turks of the Ottoman Empire were continuously seeking to invade and conquer Catholic Austria.

BZO Deputy Herr Ewald Stadler, took the opportunity of the Ambassador's speech to remind him of the recent Islamic murder of Archbishop Padovese, doing so in no uncertain terms and, in the process, taking a well-earned side-swipe at the cultural Marxists of the Austrian Left who were only too happy to see a Catholic archbishop murdered.

Herr Stadler took them to task for their lying, hypocritical dishonesty in claiming to promote human rights and religious freedom, neither of which values are, or ever have been, genuinely supported by the cultural Marxists who are busily trying to wreck the Western society which has given them everything they have.

Ironically, it will be the secular humanist atheists and cultural Marxists who will be the first to be mutilated and beheaded by Islamic fundamentalists if Islam should ever come to power in any of the Western countries where these loathsome and hypocritical secularist parasites currently proliferate.

Let us pray for the repose of the soul of his Grace Archbishop Luigi Padovese.

Requiem aeturnam, dona ei, Domine...


James Joseph said...

His murderer was also a pretend convert to the Catholic faith.

Tribunus said...

Which is, of course, why in times past people were sometimes cautious about some converts.

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