Saturday, 28 March 2009

This convicted criminal is European Commissioner for...Justice...what????!!!!

Did you know that???

Yes, it is true!

And this is him!

Jacques Barrot (born 3 February 1937 in Yssingeaux, Haute-Loire) is a French politician, currently serving as European Commissioner for Justice (since 2008), after 4 years as Commissioner for Transport.

He was also one of five vice-presidents of the 27-member Barroso Commission.

He previously held various ministerial positions in France, and is a member of the political party UMP.

He was officially approved in his post by the European Parliament on 18 June 2008 but that is a farce because they could not have stopped his appointment even if they wanted to such is the anti-democratic natures of the EU "Parliament".

Barrot has been a European Commissioner since April 2004, serving as Commissioner for Regional Policy in the Prodi Commission before being selected as a Vice-President and Commissioner for Transport in the Barroso Commission.

In 2000 he was convicted in a French court. The case involved the diverting of £2 million of government money to his party. He received an eight month suspended prison sentence but was pardoned by Jacques Chirac.

Now he is Euro-Commissioner for Justice!!!!

The criminals really are making the laws.

And such is the true nature of this Euro-Leviathan of a Commission that they just don't care that he is a convicted criminal. "So what?" they ask. Yes, really!

Welcome to the world of the European Commission and "Parliament".


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