Friday, 9 January 2009

A bishop who has simply lost it...

This is the bishop who lost his way, spiritually, pastorally and theologically.

He has just lost it.


Below are 2 articles in The Catholic Herald which show Kieran Conry as he really is.

Since he plainly no longer believes the Catholic faith and has made this loud and clear both publicly and pertinaciously, he has effectively deposed himself as Ordinary of Arundel and Brighton.

One cannot pertinaciously and publicly repudiate the faith and remain an Ordinary. So says the law and the teachings of the Church, not to mention the great saints like Aquinas, Bellarmine and Liguori.

So now is the time for the people of Arundel and Brighton to petition Rome to give them a bishop since the present pretender has effectively repudiated the job.

Read on:

The "wisdom" of Kieran: we cannot talk about salvation of souls; regular confession is not a good idea; Humanae Vitae might be wrong; don't talk about Hell; the Latin Mass is to be kept at bay; let's just talk about saving the planet.

This is secularism with a cheesy, clerical grin.

It is not the Catholic faith. It is a trahison des clercs and an abandonment of the flock by the would-be shepherd. It is pathetic. And sad.

And he is a bishop!

Welcome to the Church in Britain, folks - dying, for want of leadership.



Anonymous said...

Will the Catholic Union rid us of this man?

Anonymous said...

Your readers might be interested in this blog:

Anonymous said...

How can we get rid of him?

Tribunus said...

I suggest petitioning Rome for a Bishop of Arundel and Brighton - this fellow certainly isn't.

Tribunus said...

Dear Derek,

Thank you for that.

Here is what I posted to that site:

'Dear Elizabeth,

I salute your charity and hope you will keep praying for Bishop Conry who is in grave spiritual danger and risks taking many with him.

The greater the sinner the more necessary the prayers - so well done you for this site and for your prayers.

However, I must take issue with 2 things, if you will permit me to.

You write:

"My concern is for our Bishop - + Kieran Conry of Arundel and Brighton".

After his open, public and pertinacious declarations in The Catholic Herald against the doctrines of the Faith, he can no longer be "our" Bishop (i.e. the Ordinary of Arundel and Brighton). He, of course remains "a" bishop but that is not saying much since Judas Iscariot was also "a" bishop - and a very bad one.

You also write:

"I feel that the people of Arundel and Brighton often get good leadership and teaching from their Bishop on 'horizontal' matters - those things which concern love for our fellow men".

I do not think we even get that. His preaching and teaching is little more than a pseudo-pious repetition of the latest secular fashion. That is neither "good teaching" nor "good leadership".

And how can one love one's fellow man if one is not interested in what is best for one's fellow man?

Should we conceal the truth about what he teaches and preaches?

If it is private matter, yes.

If it is public, then we must challenge it publicly, lest the flock be led astray.

Let us both pray and speak truth - then our prayers will be all the more effective.

Keep praying!'


Adulio said...

Spot on!

Have you got a reply to this post by any chance?

Tribunus said...

Yep - I've posted an answer to his site. Remains to be seen if he publishes it.


Anonymous said...

There are two means of changing the episcopal policy:prayer or a petition to the Vatican.Remember that the egregious Archbishop Hunthausen was removed by one Catdinal Ratzinger after a concerted campaign of prayer and apeals to Rome.

Anonymous said...

Please note that according to the Vatican Bishop Conry has exempted one of his clergy from canon law so that he can work as a director of a property development company for private profit.This company has threatened innocent people with court proceedings and homelesness.
Bishop Conry will not intervene even though he has seen all the evidence.The Vatican say that although they have been watching irregularities in this diocese there is nothing they can do to if Bishop Conry won't act against his

Anonymous said...

When I asked Bishop Conry to help people in danger of being made homeless by his monsignor's property development company he simply shouted at me and slammed the phone down.
He would seem to prefer the sacrifice of people's hopes on the alter of private profit.