Friday, 25 July 2008

Post scriptum: Karen go blah...

She's a sucker for punishment - she's back for more!

Our Karen - she of the "Gem of the Ocean" - has come back with some overpoweringly brilliant arguments in favour of her position and in defence of the rapacious Yankees who stripped half of Mexico bare.

Let me share them with you.

They are pretty much unassailable and are a rare demonstration of the extent and depth of the modern American education system.

Moreover, they clearly reflect a well-rounded and deeply-read understanding of Catholicism in all its aspects.

For refinement, insight, subtlety, deftness and wit they can hardly be beaten.

And, of course, above all, they cite so many powerful and persuasive sources and provide so many carefully thought out and reasoned arguments that they cannot be gainsaid.

And the lucidity, the logic! It is surely infallible!

Stand aside Cicero, Seneca, Homer, Dante, Chaucer and Shakespeare, not to mention Hawthorne, Twain and Henry James - here comes Karen, whose "Gems of the Ocean" we are all privileged to share.

Stand back in awe, wonder and amazement, folks and hear what wise profundity Karen has to offer us:

"Tell me, is it the Napoleon complex, or just the inadequate penis Freudian coming out in you that you hate Americans so much? I've seen your ilk since my first grand tour, and you're not even remotely up to the frothing Frenchmen who loath us for saving their asses from the Nazis."

Such mellifluous prose, such elegance, such - how shall I say? - ineluctable logic and inspired poesy!

And here's more:

"Whatever dude. Who has time to wade through your BS?"

There is much more in similar vein - intellectual genius supported by so many learned references and scholarly detail.

Enough said.

This sheer brilliance speaks for itself.

The future of America is secure with so much wit and wisdom at its disposal!


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